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Chobani Recipes: Mint Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

I ate Thai food for dinner this weekend.


I’d never actually had Thai food from a restaurant before.  Much less Thai food from a strip center restaurant. I got the Thai Cashew Chicken.

I like cashews. I like chicken. It was sounding promising.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a major let down.


My only other experience with Thai food was when I was like ten years old and my Thai neighbors invited me to their house for dinner.

Speaking of my neighbors, I grew up on a street with 25+ kids*.  It was wonderful. Except for the time I got hit in the head with a metal bat while playing baseball or the time my little sister broke her collarbone while sliding down a hill on a giant slide we made of trash bags.  Umm yeah…other than those times it was pretty much the story book childhood.  And hey, my fractured eye looks pretty normal now.


Anyways, there are a set of twins on our street that are two of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.  One boy and one girl.  They’re my gorgeous half Thai neighbors.  So yeah,  one night I was invited to dinner at their house and I arrived to find raw chicken in a giant bowl in the middle of the table.

My thoughts were, “I’m going to have to eat raw chicken.  My mom always said not to eat raw chicken.  Maybe it’s a Thai thing.  Why am I not more cultured? I have to eat the raw chicken.  I can’t not eat the food.  That’s rude. It’s just one dinner.  It’ll be okay.  I’ll just eat the raw chicken.  And then not tell my mom.  This will be like the time my Indian neighbor friend told me that the red berries on my tree were special, magical berries that were good for me.  Lies.  I spent the next 24 hours ummm…we’ll just say sick.”


Luckily, the raw chicken actually ended up being for fondue.


So Thai food and I have had an interesting relationship.  Just like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and I.  Dairy hurts my stomach but Greek yogurt doesn’t.  I think that food should never hurt you.  So high lactose ice cream is out and greek yogurt wannabe ice cream is in.


So when the nice people at Chobani (Hi Amy!) sent me two cases of greek yogurt.  I knew just what to do.  Make wannabe ice cream.

So that is just what I did.


Mint Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

serves 6

2 frozen bananas

3/4 cup almond milk, original

2 cups spinach, packed

1 container (16 ounces) Chobani Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Greek Yogurt

1/4 tsp mint extract

3 Tbsp dark chocolate chips, roughly chopped

In a vitamix, or high powered blender, combine frozen bananas, almond milk, and spinach. Blend until completely smooth (there should be no spinach leaves left, you should only have a smooth, pretty green smoothie consistency.)  In a bowl, combine spinach-banana-milk (does that sound gross?  Bear with me…I promise it gets better.), Chobani Greek Yogurt, mint extract and chopped dark chocolate chips.  Pour mixture into your ice cream maker and allow to churn according to ice cream makers instructions.  I allowed mine to churn until it reached a consistency similar to frozen yogurt, about 15 minutes.  Then scoop the mixture into a container and allow to freeze until ice cream-like consistency is reached, about 2 hours.


*Here’s proof of all the kids on my street that I grew up with.  We’re missing a couple kids in this picture but you get the idea…a lot of kids.  I’m 5th from the left in the red jacket.  And the gorgeous Thai twins are to my left.streetpic

37 comments on “Chobani Recipes: Mint Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Ice Cream”

  1. I wish I grew up around kids my own age. That really does sound like a childhood dream. We lived out in the country and my closest friend was 7 miles away.

    • 7 miles!? whoa! That’d be a long way to haul Barbies. My friends and I always carried all our Barbie accessories/Barbies/Ken/Barbie’s car between each other’s houses. Did you grow up with horses and chickens? Because that would totally beat playing with Barbies.

      • I did not grow up with horses or chickens :( But a lot of my friends did. My friend Maria has the cutest little pygmy goats! We have a few acres of woods and a creek though, so I guess that was kind of our playground :)

        • Aww man! I totally struck out there. I probably shouldn’t have assumed just because you’re from the country you had horses…haha whoops. It’s like people always being shocked when they learn I’m from Texas and I don’t have horses. Anyways, woods and a creek sound pretty awesome though:))

  2. I wish I had an ice cream maker! Sneaking vegetables into ice cream…sounds genius to me. I’m already a big fan of green smoothies, so I’m sure this would be even more delicious!

  3. Is there anything I can sub in for the bananas? I know they probably add to the texture but they give me horrible reflux…

    • Hi Misty! I would just omit the bananas all together and see what happens. It might turn out a little less creamy but I would think it’d still be good:) You might want to add one tablespoon of honey to make it sweeter though!

      • Avocado is pretty creamy too, AND green! Might want to cut down a bit on the spinach or you’ll end up with DARK green icecream LOL

  4. Hey Kylie – That’s pretty clever making the Chobani ice cream. I have a huge weakness for Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream…almost as big as crunchy jalapeno potato chips. The spinach and yogurt here pretty much turned this into a healthy snack!

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  6. Man those Chobani peeps love giving away some yogurt! You’re at least the third blogger I’ve read in a week or so to get some! I really wish they’d make that chocolate flavor in a 6oz container. I’m so desperate to try it, but don’t want that huge thing in my fridge in case I don’t like it. However this recipe uses the entire thing, hmmmm….. to go out and buy right now or not? Thanks for the recipe.

    • They are some sweet, wonderful people for sure. You should most definitely go buy the 16 ounce container because I’m posting another ‘ice cream’ recipe on Monday that uses the same yogurt…and I like that recipe even better than this one! It just depends on whether you’re a mint chocolate chip or chocolate cookie dough ice cream type of person…

  7. Hey your website is so amazing, I’m so happy I checked it out, I saw your website was posted on the chalkboard at Menchie’s in Houston, TX. I especially love the chocolate chip ice cream. I have to make it sometime.

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  9. is the spinach raw or cooked?

  10. Kylie your blog is awesome!!!!

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  21. I love the name of your blog- so fun! :) I made this last night for a healthy St. Patrick’s Day dessert. It was so good, I decided to feature it in my blog that I’ll be posting tomorrow for healthy St. Patrick’s Day food. Thanks for a great recipe!

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