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Wannabe Snickers Bars(…kinda sorta)



So Saturday night around 10:30 while watching Pitch Perfect and singing terribly and quoting every line (incorrectly), I made these bars.  It was splendid.  Anytime you mix chocolate and peanut butter it’s going to be happy because we all know that pb & chocolate are the Seth Cohen & Summer/Ron & Hermione/Ross & Rachel of the food world.  They’re just meant to be.  And the world just feels like right and dandy when they’re together.


So Saturday night while obnoxiously singing every song and dying laughing and sneaking chocolate chip upon chocolate chip, I started to stack delicious on top of delicious.  You know, stacking.  It’s like Jenga but better because you can eat it and nothing falls over.  So actually, it’s nothing like Jenga.  It’s just a peanut butter nougat-y layer topped with peanuts, and then caramel and then chocolate.

Could the night have been better? no.


I realize the activities of this evening are sounding highly intelligent, but I would like it to be known that in an effort to actually have intelligent things to contribute to conversations, I have been trying to watch CNBC or other news related programs instead of watching the Kardashian’s.   But I’ve come to realize that both programs are pretty similar.  Either way, it’s just a bunch of people yelling at each other.  And the Kardashian’s look prettier while they’re doing it soooooo…..


Speaking of people yelling at each other, the Superbowl is coming.  And soon men (and women) all over the country will be yelling at their TVs.  To sooth the tension and the losing teams spirits, desserts are appreciated at Superbowl gatherings.  So yeah, make these.

These bars are kinda like Snickers.  Like they’re trying really hard to be something cooler and unhealthier than them but they can’t quite make it.  And since this isn’t high school, we shouldn’t be trying to be something we’re not.  So make these and then think of a better name for them than ‘wannabe snickers bars’.


But no matter what you call them, they’re pretty good.


Homemade Snickers Bars

makes 12-16 bars

Nougat Layer

3/4 cup peanut butter
3/4 cup honey
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup chocolate protein powder
1/8 tsp salt

Peanut Layer

3/4 to 1 cup peanuts, roasted and unsalted

Date Caramel Layer

16 dates, pitted
3 Tbsp almond milk, original
1 Tbsp peanut butter
1/8 tsp salt

Chocolate Layer

1 cup dark chocolate chips

Line an 8×8 inch pan with parchment paper.

In a sauce pan over medium-high heat, combine honey, peanut butter, vanilla and salt. Whisk until hot and the mixture becomes thin and smooth. Turn off heat and stir in chocolate protein powder.  Pour nougat into the 8×8 inch parchment paper lined pan. Spread the mixture to the corners and set aside while you make the date caramel.

In a food processor, or high powered blender, combine dates, peanut butter, almond milk, and salt. Process until smooth. It took a lot of stirring in between blending to make the mixture smooth and caramel looking. Just keep alternating blending and stirring until smooth.

Next, press the peanuts into the nougat layer. The nougat layer will have slightly hardened by this point but gently press the peanuts in as much as you can. On top of the peanuts, spread the date caramel. I found it easier to spread the date caramel over the peanut if I wet my hands slightly and then pressed the caramel to the corners.

Finally, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring frequently to avoid burning. Pour melted chocolate over the caramel layer and using a spoon, smooth the chocolate to the edges of the pan. Cover and refrigerate until firm. I refrigerated mine overnight and then cut into bars the next day. You might want to refrigerate the bars for an hour to allow the chocolate to slightly harden and then cut the dessert into the desired number of bars before the chocolate completely hardens.  That way the chocolate won’t crack in the middle of the bar when you cut them.  It just makes them look prettier.  Always a good thing.

22 comments on “Wannabe Snickers Bars(…kinda sorta)”

  1. My aunt just gifted me her old food processor that she never uses. I think this is meant to be!

  2. Peanut butter chocolate goodness basically.

  3. Mmmm, amazing things, all together! Thank you for bringing this into our lives

  4. Yum! What a fabulous recipe. Just found you via FG. I am bookmarking this recipe for sure!

    • Hi Melanie! Thanks and I’m glad you found me:) I was checking out your blog and I see you’re a Registered Dietitian. I’m currently applying for my internship…fingers crossed! Anyways, I can’t wait to read more of your blog…even if you’re a Longhorn. Totally kidding:):)

  5. I am so ridiculously obsessed with Pitch Perfect. Acascuse me? Cannot get enough. Also, I’m equally obsessed with the idea of trying to make my own date caramel. I keep seeing it around, and it looks so good! These bars look way better than a Snickers!

  6. Oh my yummm!! I love that there are very limited refined sugars and that you snuck the protein powder in there too!

    • Sneaky, sneaky:) and date caramel is so delicious whether someone is trying to avoid refined sugars or not. I’m not sure who’s idea date caramel was first but in my book they’re up there with the inventor of peanut butter!

  7. These look good! What a great idea!

  8. Hey Kylie,

    I have to ask, do you have an alternative for the protein powders in this (and many of your other) recipe/s? Sorry, but protein powders are about as far from “natural” as you can get, so I’m really not a fan. Can I just omit it all together? Or grind up some flaxseed and hemp seed as a replacement? Thanks!

    • Hey Aubrey! Sorry for the slow reply! Your comment somehow managed to get put into my spam folder. I know for my healthy cookie dough recipe you can completely omit the protein powder and it turns out great! But the protein powder in this recipe gives the nougat layer it’s structure/consistency/texture and some sweetness. I hear what you say about protein powders but I’m not sure how flax or hemp would work out. I’d love to hear how it goes it you try them with the protein powder substituted for something else:))

  9. I absolutely love your pictures!!! They look fantastic!

  10. So I just made these today and halved the batch so it’d be more manageable since I live on my own and they turned out great! I’m really excited to have them as a healthier dessert option!

    • YAY! I’m so glad you tried them out!:) I live on my own too and I know how dangerous a huge dessert pan can be! I mean…you don’t want the delicious whatever it may be to go to waste so somehow it just all disappears in like 2 days! Haha it’s so hard to have self control with desserts that are just sitting there waiting for you!!

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  12. I am scared of his recipie and the reviews, I know it is good, TOO GOOD at least if I buy a ‘snickers’ I will only eat 1 but if I make this I WILL eat the whole lot and persuade myself that they are good for me. This will definately be TO MUCH OF A GOOD THING.

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