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Carrot Cake Truffles



Did you ever see that episode of Friends when Ross goes and gets a spray tan but forgets to turn to spray his back and he just keeps spray tanning the front of his body? And even though he’s all orange and looks ridiculous you still can’t help but love him because he’s just so lovable.


Well these little Carrot Cake Truffles are exactly like that. They look a little orange and funny but they are so delicious that you can’t help but love them.


Except these don’t leave funny streaks and make you look all splotchy and whatnot.  The last time I got a spray tan was 4 years ago before a vacation. And it lasted about 2 days,  which is longer than these carrot cake truffles will last unless you have someone hide them from you. I mean, it’s a doughy ball of carrot cake-ness.  They’re gonna just disappear.


Speaking of things that are lovable, Andrew and I went on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend this weekend which was fabulous because I love them and because I ate fish tacos.  The first restaurant we tried to eat at had a 2 hour wait. Are you kidding me?! We could go see a movie and come back and still have a 20 minutes to wait. And then they offered to serve complimentary chips & salsa while we waited but do you know the amount of complimentary chips & salsa I could eat in a 2 hour time period? I’d rather not find out. So we left. And then we found the fish tacos restaurant.  And the boys found beer. Happiness all around.

Anyways, back to the important things.  Dough balls of carrot cake.


Carrot Cake Truffles

makes 16-18 balls

2/3 cup walnuts

2/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

6 dates, pitted and roughly chopped

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 pinch nutmeg

1/8 tsp salt

1 cup shredded carrots

2 1/2 Tbsp walnuts, chopped

1 heaping tbsp raisins

2/3 Vanilla Greek yogurt (I used Chobani)

[Optional: 16-18 whole walnut halves to press on top of yogurt]

Remove the excess moisture from your shredded carrots by placing them in a couple paper towels and squeezing as much water as you can out of them.

In a food processor or Vitamix, process 2/3 cup walnuts and shredded coconut together until a paste is formed.  The mixture should be smooth with no clumps.  Add in chopped dates and process/blend until dates are completely blended in and a smooth dough has formed.  Dump the dough into a large bowl and add in cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt.  Using a spoon, mix everything together.  Stir in shredded carrots, chopped walnuts and raisins.  Roll dough into ~16 balls.

Place Greek yogurt into a small plastic bag and snip off one corner.  Pipe the yogurt onto the tops of the carrot cake truffles just like you would pipe icing onto a cupcake.  Press whole walnut half onto top of yogurt.  Serve immediately or refrigerate and serve within 24 hours.  If serving at a later date, you could wait to pipe the yogurt onto the tops of the truffles until an hour before serving.  Refrigerate that ‘icing’ topped truffles for about an hour before serving to allow the greek yogurt to slightly harden.

11 comments on “Carrot Cake Truffles”

  1. Oh my goodness those sound so amazing! And double dates are so much fun :)

  2. Yum, yum, and YUM!!

  3. Kylie, those truffles look stellar!! I’m (mostly) vegan, so I’ll try swapping the regular yogurt for almond yogurt or maybe sub in some decadent macadamia icing. Thanks for posting such an awesome-looking (and healthy) recipe! (Also, I love your blog name. Totally unforgettable!)

    • Hi Lee!! Thank YOU for the wonderful comment:)) I’d love to hear your recipe for a macadamia icing!? Is it on your blog?! I’ve tried a cashew frosting before that was umm interesting…not bad, just different;)

      Let me know if you end up making the truffles! I’d love to hear how you like them:)

  4. I do not have walnuts on me but have almonds. Would that substitution work? I also have some cashes and hazelnuts.

  5. I made carrot cake balls kind of like this a few years ago. Except you were smarter and used ‘frosting’, even if it is just Greek yogurt. Good thinking! I love frosting!

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