May 31

Skinny Brownies (…because bikini-time is almost here).

Putting beans in my brownies scares me.

Skinny Brownies (3 of 10)

So you better believe I didn’t do it.  Nope.  Maybe one day I’ll man-up and try one of the many black bean brownie recipes out there but the day is not today.

I shouldn’t even be wanting to bake brownies right now because it’s hella hot in Texas. Yet I somehow managed to make brownies, muffins and cake balls this week.  I’m fhhhreaking out about those cake balls.  Kinda how I’m fhhhreaking out about this bathing suit that is no longer sold.  It’s just gorgeous and perfect and everyone on my honeymoon would know me as the-girl-in-that-cute-classy-coral-one-piece.  And then I could get this cover-up and borrow some of my sister’s big sunglasses* and there we go…all set for Cado.

Actually, I’m not really feeling the back of that swimsuit, but I love V-neck one pieces.  Love, love, love.  Love them like I love oat flour.  Which is a lot, a lot, a lot.  I’ve never ever been a two piece bathing suit person.  I remember having a tankini thing in middle school and thinking I looked awesome.  Looking back, nothing quite looks ‘awesome’ in middle school.  Clothes aren’t quite made to fit the human body at that life stage.

Skinny Brownies (7 of 10)Skinny Brownies (8 of 10)Skinny Brownies (10 of 10)

My all time favorite swimsuit was this maroon V-neck one piece that was from Target.  If I ever found that swimsuit again I would stockpile like 58493 of them.  Kinda like how my dad stockpiles groceries.  You have to be very careful in replying when he asks you if you need anything from the grocery store.  The last time I asked for chicken I got 20-lbs worth of chicken breasts.  No joke…it’s all bagged up into individual baggies in our freezer now.  And then one time my little sister asked for cookie dough and we ended up with this 2 gallon bucket of cookie dough.  It was wonderful and terrible all at the same time.

Skinny Brownies (5 of 10)

But in all seriousness, I would at least get 8 of those swimsuits.  I don’t even know what happened to my first one?!  My theory is that my mom threw it away while I was sleeping.  It was probably for the best, it was pretty worn.  Worn into perfection and the optimal swimsuit fitting-ness.  Such a loss.  I’ll get over it…one day.

But not today.

But this is the day where I put oats, almonds and honey into my brownies.  All totally acceptable dessert-y things (in comparison to beans which don’t really scream dessert-y).  But these brownies are not fudgy.  They are more cake-like.  Wait, don’t go! They’re light and fluffy and they really tasted cocoa-y which I loved.  I wouldn’t say that they’re bitter, they just taste like dark chocolate.  You’re gonna wanna enjoy them with a glass of almond milk (or soy or rice or hemp or cow or coconut milk…).

Skinny Brownies (1 of 10)

*the sister who says things like “gossip girl is life.” She’s kidding…I hope.

Skinny Brownies

makes 1 8×8″ pan of brownies

2 Tbsp unsweetened applesauce

2 Tbsp coconut oil

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/3 cup + 2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1/3 cup + 2 Tbsp honey

1 egg

2/3 cup almond flour

1/3 cup oat flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 350F. Grease a 8×8″ baking dish with coconut oil/non-stick cooking spray. Set aside.

In a small bowl, stir together applesauce, coconut oil, vanilla extract and cocoa powder. The mixture will be dry and clumpy. Scoop the cocoa mixture into the bowl of an electric mixer and add in the egg and honey. Use the whisk attachment to vigorously whisk together the cocoa mixture until smooth.

In a separate bowl, combine almond flour, oat flour, baking powder and salt. Pour the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and whisk together until well combined (the batter will likely look a little lumpy from the almond meal/flour).

Pour the batter into the prepared baking dish and use a spoon to spread the batter evenly to all corners. Bake for 20 minutes. Allow to cool completely before slicing (like that’s gonna happen).

Skinny Brownies (9 of 10)

37 comments on “Skinny Brownies (…because bikini-time is almost here).”

  1. I never get to eat the brownies… now I can… thanks

  2. Um, delicious.

    And that swimsuit probably is the cutest thing ever. I’m bummed for you.
    Everything coral is good!

    • I know, right? I wish the back was open somehow but I’m so in love with it anyways! I’m hoping I’ll just be able to find it somewhere…or at least something similar for like a quarter of the price of that one haha:) It was a wee bit pricey!

      • I don’t even look at Anthropologie stuff because it usually makes me too sad because 1) everything is cute and 2) I can’t afford any of it. haha

        • That’s a good philosophy:) But…Bhldn is having a 80% off sample sale thingy this weekend in Houston. So me and my sisters are gonna wait outside in line in the Texas heat in an attempt to get in…I need a veil and they need bridesmaid dresses so hopefully we’ll find some reasonably priced stuff:)

  3. Oh these look incredible! I am making black bean brownies today – or at least I’d planned to – but yours look amazing! Now I am rethinking my plan…

  4. What is this ? Culinary close mindedness from the girl who puts avo in her cookies( I’ve made them cookies 3X now, luv’em), and eats strawberries with her chicken?
    Bt Buut beans in baked goods is so freakin RIGHT!
    I’ve even used blended chickpeas in place of yogurt in overnight oats( like buttery, shortbread cookie batter oats…I swear!). I’m wild.

    You should tooootally make Choc Covered Katies deep dish cookie pie. That is a good place to start, everyone adores that. Honestly, I hate to see you miss out!

    Anyway these brownies look gorgeous. Maybe ill make them this weekend…if you make something with beans. Dealio?

  5. Yesss. This is totally my kind of recipe, and not just because I share your love of oat flour ;) I actually share your disdain of black bean brownies (made some, they sucked) but I whole-heartedly embrace black bean cake!!! I followed the one by Chocolate and Carrots to a T and it was deelicious. No one knew it had beans :) Anyhoo…I can’t wait to make these! Also, I loved this: “everyone on my honeymoon would know me as the-girl-in-that-cute-classy-coral-one-piece.” Must find similar signature piece for summer.

    • I know, right??! Black bean brownies…just creepy. I would have said the same about black bean cake but you’re convincing me otherwise. And Chocolate and Carrots is a new-to-me blog so I can’t wait to get lost in all of her recipes:)

      Also, another commenter also said if you put garbanzo beans into your overnight oats it tastes like “buttery, shortbread goodness”…which just sounds so delicious and weird but I still really, really want to try it!

  6. In case you wondered what I did for the overnight oats-
    *mix 1/3 cup oats+1tbsp oat flour (your fave!)+1/2tbsp vanilla protein powder+pinch’o salt in a bowl.
    *blend 1/4 cup chickpeas+1/4 cup milk+ sweetener( I like stevia or honey)+ lemon/vanilla extracts till supah smooth.

    Then just stir together the chickpea mixture with the oat mixture, chill for a couple of hours, and EAT! I normally pour some more milk on’ em.

    Kylie I find you so so fabulous. Your instagram account is, like, the best one, EVER. It inspires me and my meals<3.

    • I was curious:) This seriously sounds like one of the most creative/interesting recipes I’ve heard of in awhile! I’m seriously sitting here imagining this shortbreadiness and I NEED it. I can NOT wait to make! What is your instagram username so I can give you credit when I do?

      • Yay. I am pumped that YOU like the sound of the oats…that’s a compliment to me for sure:).
        Haha I don’t have an instagram account, I’m just an online , foodie stalker I guess.
        But I swear I’m normal(ish) , not a weirdo at all (kinda…)!
        20yr old female living in Scotland :).

  7. I always wonder why people consider beans in desserts to be “strange”. It’s not strange at all. Asian cultures have been using bean pastes in desserts since forever: it’s soft and gummy and has a neutral flavour that takes sweetener and any flavour that’s added – vanilla, chocolate, fruit…. It’s also just a seed, like flour is from wheat seed, and oat is from, well, oats. You never hear anyone say, “hey, I promise you’ll never taste the wheat in my cake! No one will ever guess it’s there!”

    Personally, though, I have to say that texture-wise, I prefer beans in unbaked desserts, like asian desserts, the CCK dip that someone mentioned, truffles. I frequently use them in baked good like cakes and brownies, but always make the ones that include flours, otherwise the texture is more like fudge, not brownies. Give it a try!

    Also, the bathing suit is CUTE, but probably would look better on someone curvier than that model.

  8. do these brownies taste coconutty???

    • In my opinion…no! But that might just be because I like coconut and the flavor didn’t seem extremely strong to me. My fiancé is a coconut hater and he didn’t mention anything about a coconut flavor when he tried these!!

  9. ….and if they do are there any other healthy substitutions for the coconut oil? sorry but i can’t stomach coconut

    • No worries! I understand not liking some foods:) For example, I hate asparagus. Just can’t eat it!

      Like I said in the previous comment, they aren’t coconuty in my opinion but if you’re really sensitive to the flavor (aka really hate it) you might be able to detect it! You could try to replace the oil with mashed avocado or Greek yogurt may work too:)

  10. The ingredients are so healthy and the brownies look so sinful! Haha. Thanks for sharing girl!

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  14. Kylie, I love your recipes and way of finding the healthy alternative to so many foods. Thank you for that. Could you place printer friendly versions on the blog?

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  17. how much is 1/3 cup?

  18. I made this today, It was awesome and super delicious, thanks for the recipe, love your blog :) !

  19. Just made ’em… only replaced oat flour with coconut flour. absolutely delish and easy for a clumsy blonde 14y/o to make. I can’t taste the difference between this one and the unhealthy original recipe :))

  20. My cousin srahed this recipe with me a few weeks ago and I finally made it last night. I actually scooped the batter into muffin/cupcake cups and baked them in muffin tins. It made 18 portions. I still covered them in foil but I skipped the “bake uncovered” for 15 minutes portion. I just ate my first one this morning with Shamrock fat-free half-and-half and some honey. YUM!!!! I have frozen a good portion of them. It will be fun to see how they do after the freezing process.

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