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a lunchtime favorite.

You know what’s terrifying? This.

Healthy Nachos 1

It’s like when you were a kid and you would attempt to tie someone’s shoes together under the table but it never really worked because the person always caught you before they stood up.  The other day Andrew said that our kids are going to hide their farts from me because otherwise I’d take away their gluten.  (disclaimer: not true).

Speaking of gluten, have you seen the movie This is the End (you’d get the correlation if you’ve seen the movie)? Seriously the worst movie I have ever seen.  And that’s saying a lot because I’ve seen pretty much every single movie Mary Kate & Ashley made…Billboard Dad, Holiday in the Sun, New York Minute, Winning London, When in Rome, and Our Lips Are Sealed (a personal favorite).  My older sister and I still quote these movies on a bi-weekly basis.  And all of our other conversations involve at least one She’s the Man or Pink Panther reference.  Hmm both of those movies came out in 2006.  Now that was a great year for movies.  I wish I was kidding…but I’m not.  I for serious love me some Duke Orsino.

But just so we’re clear, as far as fictional characters go…Seth Cohen will always have my heart.

Healthy Nachos 3

Other things I love involve my favorite go-to easy dinner meal, eating all the chocolate chunks out of trail mix, having a dog so you don’t have to pick up the food you drop while you’re cooking, eating a chiptole chicken bowl (I’m a total cliche, right?), watching beach sunsets (#westcoastalltheway) and absurdly amazing recipe ideas.  Peanut Butter Polenta?!  At this moment I can think of nothing more amazing…except maybe learning how to do this.  Holy smokes.

Healthy Nachos 2

Things I don’t love include my dad confusing Justin Bieber with Justin Timberlake…I mean how could you ever?  ‘Nsync is where it’s at.  And then there’s this, and this.  And yes, I loved that movie too. 

Other things not worth loving…when you go on vacation and the place you’re staying doesn’t have a blender.  I ask you, where do you expect me to make my kale smoothies and frozen margaritas?

Okay, now back to positive things.  Like nachos.  But these don’t have cheese so are they really nachos.  Probably not, but Just Go with it.  Another great movie.  Not even kidding.  Loved it.  And I love these “nachos.”

Healthy Nachos 4

Healthy Nachos

serves 1

[inspired by Power Hungry]


scant 1 Tbsp lime juice (~1/2 small lime)

1/2 tsp olive oil

1/8 tsp cumin

1/8 tsp ancho chili powder



2 Tbsp black beans

2 Tbsp garbanzo beans

1 hard boiled egg, chopped

3 cherry tomatoes, quartered

1 Tbsp yellow onion, minced

1/2 small avocado, cubed

2 Tbsp cilantro

10-12 sweet potato tortilla chips (or just corn tortilla chips)


In a small jar, combine lime juice, olive oil, cumin, ancho chili powder and salt/pepper.  Cover with lid.  Shake and set aside. 

Heat garbanzo and black beans in a skillet or microwave.  Layer chips and toppings.  Drizzle with dressing.  Serve.


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19 comments on “a lunchtime favorite.”

  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous and I am sure tasted delicious! Also super easy to make. Now I just gotta grab some nachos.

  2. I honestly don’t like Adam Sandler all that much, but Just Go With It was amazing. Made even more amazing by the fact that Jennifer Aniston was also in it and I have loved her ever since Friends :D So random but I too just had a flashback last week of Mary Kate and Ashley and all of their movies. I wish I had a VCR still so I could go back and watch some of their movies again. I love every single one that you listed. Plus their TV Shows! Two of a Kind… So Little Time… *sigh* I wish they were both still acting and making movies together :( Do you ever read buzzfeed? They did a piece called: “What it was like growing up with Mary Kate and Ashley.” Brilliant-

    I laughed out loud about your fiance’s comment about forcing your children to get rid of gluten. Hilarious.

    For some reason I’d never thought to make nachos with something other than tortilla or corn chips. But sweet potato chips are brilliant. As would be roasted butternut squash!

    • My thoughts are the same about Adam Sandler. But somehow he was totally bearable in Just Go With It:)…his obnoxiousness was probably masked by Jennifer Aniston’s amazing-ness.

      And I DO read buzzfeed but I had never seen that article! Watching that Mystery Theme Song just made my day!!

  3. My boyfriend called Mean Girls a “bad movie” and I nearly slapped him. Cheesy movies are the best! She’s the Man makes me miss the Real Amanda Bynes… the current one scares me. And these nachos are pretty bomb. All good things about this post. Two thumbs up.

    • Now that’s just ridiculous…he probably doesn’t like Legally Blonde either?! And that is the difference between girls and boys…us girls know our quality tv;)

  4. This salad looks so amazing that it made me forget about the terrifying merged french braid. I don’t know why but it sort of made my stomach turn (the braid, of course, not the salad). I am putting this salad on the dinner rotation, stat!

  5. Ahh love how simple this is!! This sounds like a lunch I can easily have a staple every week. Any form of nachos are always delish. I would definitely try these with some baba ganoush or hummus on the side as a sauce for a Mediterranean style nacho plate :)

  6. Um, I love that you guys quote the Pink panther. That’s one of my sister and my favorites and no one ever gets what we are saying. :) west coast sunsets at the beach are the best by far!

    • Yeah we get into these weird moods and just start yelling out random quotes at one another (…it’s usually late at night haha). Definitely one of the many reasons I love having a sister:))

  7. This looks yummy! can’t wait to try it :)

    As far as This is the End goes however, you must have a horrible sense of humor. lol It was SO funny. The entire cinema (and myself included) was scream-laughing when I saw it! But then again, you must not like Will Ferrell either, amiright?! haha

    • I should have known what I was getting myself into…but I love Seth Rogen and James Franco and thought PIneapple Express was hilarious. I don’t know. I just wasn’t really feeling the movie. Maybe I was just in a hater mood. I remember laughing super hard at 2 jokes but now I can’t remember what they were.

      And haha yep…Will Ferrell isn’t my favorite;) I liked Elf but that doesn’t even count haha:)

  8. Ahaha it seriously took me like 15 minutes to read your posts what with clicking on all the links!! I loveee all the movies you mentioned. I def remember wishing I had more MK&A in my life as a child (I’ve only seen a few of them), but She’s the Man? Oh yes. Embarrassingly, the movies that my sister and I quote ALL the time are more in the vein of The Incredibles, A Cinderella Story and The Emperor’s New Grove. Are we 5? Apparently.

    Ugh I haven’t seen This is the End but have you seen This is 40?? I think THAT was the worst movie I have ever seen. Just annoying. And depressing. Ha.

    Also: peanut butter polenta sounds DELICIOUS. And I want these healthy nachos now!!!

  9. we made this for dinner tonight and added some grilled chicken.. it was amazing. definitely a new family favorite :)

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  11. Just found these nachos from a list of healthy recipes and fell in love, they look incredible! Super yum! Pinning.

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