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Chocolate Crepes for One

I think we should make chocolate at breakfast a thing.

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And while we’re at it, let’s go ahead and make ‘fetch’ a thing too.  I mean, I love breakfast.  I love chocolate.  And if I had to pick my favorite food in the world right now, it’d be crepes from here.  That restaurant is so cute, it just kills me.  I’m just all about the cute food..whether it’s in a jar or folded up into a cute, little triangle.  I think cuteness has a way of adding flavor.  And happiness.  You know what I’m saying?

After having the smoked salmon crepes from here, my family became obsessed with all things crepes.  Which is completely fine by me.  I could eat them all day long.  Or at least one day a week.  Yes, like making Crepe Saturday a thing.  That’d be nice.

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So in other news, this week while eating dinner Andrew got a stain on the shorts he was wearing.  I happen to hate those shorts.  They’re these cargo shorts and he has soo many J.Crew-type shorts now that look so good.  The cargo needs to go.  So when my dad suggested getting the stain remover out of the closet I shot him a death glare while shaking my head and waving my hands like a maniac while mouthing, “I hate those shorts!” Unfortunately, the stain came out.  Lame.

We’ve decided that when we get married we each get to throw away one clothing item of the other persons.  I know he already has his eyes on a pair of Adidas shorts I have.  He completely hates them but I completely love them because they’re so comfy and perfect and shorts just aren’t made like that anymore.  “Made like that,” meaning you can’t buy shorts that are the optimal comfy level because they’ve been worn-in for the last 6 years.  They’re perfect. 

What’s not perfect? When you ask a question on twitter and no one answers you.  Ugh, ya.  Less than ideal.  Growing up one of my greatest fears was throwing a party and no one coming.  I mean, how traumatizing would that be, right? 

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But I think if you serve chocolate crepes at a party people would come.  It’s super dark chocolate made into a thin pancake and topped with whatever toppings you can imagine: peanut butter and bananas, caramelized peaches and honey greek yogurt, caramelized banana and pecans…yum. 

I kept my toppings pretty basic: banana slices + raisins + shredded coconut.  I was running late (story of my life) as I made these so I was eating them as I walked out the door and didn’t have much time to get super creative.  But for you I have hopes of extremely creatively stuffed crepes.

[NOTE: The batter has to sit overnight.]

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Chocolate Crepes

Yield: makes 3 small crepes; serves 1


1/3 cup oat flour, gently packed

1 1/2 tablespoon special dark cocoa powder

pinch salt

2 teaspoon coconut oil, melted

1 large egg

1/4 cup almond milk, original

Toppings: raisins, banana slices, unsweetened shredded coconut



In a bowl combine oat flour, cocoa powder and salt. Add in melted coconut oil, egg and almond milk. Vigorously whisk all ingredients together until smooth. Cover and store in the fridge overnight. In the morning, heat a non-stick skillet/crepe pan over medium heat. Add ~1/4 cup batter to the pan and swirl the batter around into a circle to coat the pan. Cook for about 3-4 minutes until flipping to the other side for an additional minute of cooking time.

Stuff with toppings and fold into quarters.

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17 comments on “Chocolate Crepes for One”

  1. Girl, you had me at chocolate. But seriously, these look amazing. I am bookmarking them right now. Mmmmm.

  2. OMG….I need! I couldn’t agree with you more– chocolate for breakfast should 100% be a thing. Making these ASAP!

  3. Oh my gosh. I was expecting just a chocolate filling, but actual chocolate crepes… (as I almost always say with your recipes)- I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. I bet these would be fantastic stuffed with raspberries. Or peanut butter.

    Whenever I had a birthday party over Spring Break or on a weekend where my friends had to be dropped off… I was a mess. When we took my friends home from school on a Friday to spend the night? Totally fine. But with the other one I was always worried when the minutes were ticking down and no one was coming. What if something happened? What if in the last 24 hours they all got together and decided they hated me? Haha.

    I kind of hate twitter for that reason. It’s more like you’re yelling in the window or talking to yourself whereas I feel facebook just fosters responses. Even people I may have only said one or two words to my whole life, if that, will sometimes pop out of the woodwork to comment on a status or picture.

    I tried to load twitter to see what your question was and possibly answer it… but apparently I can’t remember my password from lack of use. Bummer.

    • Baha. Yelling in the window. What does that even mean?! I meant “yelling in the wind”. . . as in, your voice getting lost in the breeze. Lol.

      • Haha I totally agree with you about twitter…I was just having trouble formulating my thoughts into words (happens a lot with me)…but ya it really is just me “yelling in the wind.” Most of the time I feel like I’m talking to myself. So I’m thinking there are far worse things than forgetting your twitter password:)

  4. me is hungry now!! [And I think these look kind of halloween-ish…making me crave fall even more!]

  5. How lovely these crepes look! I just love the…style of crepes. So Frenchy French (is that stereotypical?)
    Sorry to hear that the stain didn’t come out.
    Ahh I will go to twitter just to answer your questions! I usually don’t hang out on twitter, but I don’t want you to be traumatized.

  6. haha I love reading your posts! They’re like funny narrations of my own life as well.
    1. chocolate at breakfast is already a thing. come on now. (these look delicious)
    2. you two could agree to let each other keep one gross item of clothing? I got a little sad for you thinking of throwing out those wonderfully old and comfy shorts, I’m guilty of sentimental
    attachment issues with old clothes as well.

    • I should probably throw out those shorts on my own anyways, they have holes all in them and are in terrible shape haha…butttttt so comfy.

      Your idea for keeping one item of clothing sounds like a way better way to compromise:)

  7. Yum! I agree- chocolate for breakfast sister! I do it daily! #chocolategreensmoothies! Such a healthy and tasty crepe recipe! Love it!

  8. Yes! Love for one recipes – no sharing! These look delicious!

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