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Black Bean Brownies

I’m so late to this party.  People have been making black bean brownies for like forever.  Now, I want in.  So I made us (me) a list of all the black bean brownie recipes I NEED to try.  If you’re thinking, “isn’t this what pinterest is for?!”  Yes, yes it is.  Bear with me.

First we’ve got…

these vegan gluten free black bean brownies via Minimalist Baker.  muffin tins make things just so much cuter.

Minimalist Baker-Black Bean Brownies

need me some flourless brownies from Whole Foods.  they left out the flour and added in butter.  i’m game.

this recipe for black bean brownies by Chocolate Covered Katie.  everything she makes is gold.  everything.

how about super moist flourless black bean brownies by My Whole Food Life.  i like stacks of food. especially chocolate food.

Black Bean Brownies-My Whole Food Life

these black bean brownies by Happy Herbivore.  They have bananas.  Always a good thing.

black bean brownies from Butter Baking. chocolate chips galore.

this recipe for coconut black bean brownies from The Roasted Root.  because people are cah-razy for coconut right now.

Black Bean Brownies-The Roasted Root

chocolate-peanut butter brownie cookies via kumquat.  okay. these are actually cookies, but still.

these less slutty brownies from me.  with a name like that, i had to add them to the list.

Less Slutty Brownies (5 of 10)

the best vegan black bean brownies ever from Oatmeal with a Fork.  she mentioned that her husband ate them.  always a sign of success.

fudgy black bean brownies from serena bakes simply from scratch.  mainly because i’m such a sucker for brownie batter pictures.

Black Bean Brownies-Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch

secretly healthy chocolate brownie cookies by Eliza’s Edibles.  these couldn’t look more chocolately.

some vegan gluten free peanut butter swirl brownies from Minimalist Baker (again).  PEANUT BUTTER!

fudgy black bean brownies with sea salt from Lia Huber.  sea salt + chocolate. always yes.

Black Bean Brownies-Nourish Network

gluten free fudgy black bean brownies from Meal Makeover Moms.  because Janice and Liz are great.

these (secretly healthy) fudgy black bean brownies from Better Recipes.  they just look so eatable. ya know?

peanut butter crunch black bean brownies via Tidy Mom. i die. for real.

Peanut Butter Crunch Black Bean Brownies-Tidy Mom

 Now I just need like 16 cans of black beans and then I’m set. 

{Disclaimer: I didn’t take any of these pictures (except for one).  All photos are linked to the photographer, so click over and tell them how pretty their pictures are.}


12 comments on “Black Bean Brownies”

  1. I don’t know if I should convert to being a bean-dessert eater….But if you’re game, I’m game. I trust your taste.

  2. Thanks for sharing allof these recipes! We should all check back in if any of us make them!

  3. I havn’t tried this yet. THanks for all the wonderful links

  4. I just made a version of the Minimalist Baker’s black bean peppermint brownies! First time trying the whole black-bean-brownie thing too. Turned out phenom!!! Definitely recommend. Now, on to tweaking my chickpea blondie recipe :)

    • I’ve been looking up chickpea/white bean blondie recipes all day!!! Haven’t tried them yet! Let me know if you find a winning recipe!

  5. This post might become my absolute guide to brownies. I’ve yet to find a recipe using black beans that really blows me away, but I haven’t tried any of these recipes, so it may be time to get baking. Thanks for the list!

  6. I made your “Less Slutty Brownies” for a church potluck and all of the little old ladies loved them! They were all asking for the recipe and were blown away by the addition of black beans. Thanks for the great recipe!

  7. It’s been ages since I made black bean brownies, and now I have no clue why. They were amazeness… yes, amazeness…. amazing goodness :)

  8. Black Bean Brownies rock! They sprout this world!

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