Mar 28

Healthy Nutella Shake

It’s Friday.  And there’s chocolate.

Healthy Nutella Shake (6 of 6)

So the happiest thing was when people came out saying chocolate milk after a workout is good for you.  Or at least better than a non-creamy, neon colored sports drink.

It’s hard to beat a creamy glass of chocolate milk.  The only thing that could make it better is somehow making it creamier.  Or possibly adding hazelnuts.  Unless you hate hazelnuts.  In which case maybe you’d hate it. 

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You know what I hate? Glass jars.  Okay not really.  But I think my glass jar + overnight oats for breakfast obsession is weakening.  On Wednesday morning I was rushing to my car, overnights oat jar in hand, and I dropped the jar.  It shattered everywhere.  I very nearly started crying…before I ran back inside and made pretty much the same thing in smoothie form.  My husband said he was glad I didn’t get a chance to eat the overnight oats, because after sitting on our driveway all day long it looked less than appealing (I hadn’t cleaned up my shattered breakfast before I headed out for the day).

It’s funny how I said I was rushing out the door yet I still had time to take a picture of the smoothie.  There’s always always time for a picture.

Healthy Nutella Shake (3 of 6) Healthy Nutella Shake (4 of 6)

I made nutella milk awhile ago.  Which was fun but uber time consuming.  This shake is a way quicker version of that nutella milk.  And it’s definitely worth you while, since it only takes like uno minute to make.  And then you can get on to the rest of your life.  At that you’ll be happier because you just drank a chocolate shake that didn’t make you feel like junk.

So besides drinking creamy nutella shakes rather frequently, I’m now a contributing editor for the Healthy Aperture Blog.  I will be contributing a monthly recipe + post for the Global Garden column.  Getting to work alongside these other RD’s is what dreams are made of.  My first post went up today…so pu-lease go make yourself some salsa. 

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Healthy Nutella Shake
  1. 1 cup 2% milk
  2. 1 frozen banana
  3. 2 teaspoons cocoa powder, unsweetened
  4. 2 dates, pitted
  5. 1/4 cup hazelnuts, roasted & skins removed
  6. handful ice cubes, optional
  1. Combine ingredients in a blender. Drink up the chocolatey + hazelnutty goodness.
Serves 1
Healthy Nutella Shake (2 of 6)

10 comments on “Healthy Nutella Shake”

  1. I tried ths …only using almond milk, and you are right, it is yummy! Thanks.
    Barbara in Florida

  2. Yum! Love that you made a quicker version of your last recipe. And congrats on Healthy Aperture!! I am also imagining your overnight oats baking onto the driveway… haha

  3. I just happen to have all these ingredients and this shake just happens to be the most perfect thing ever. Always looking for healthy ways to get my nutella fix! Pinning now :) Heading over to read your salsa recipe as we speak as well!

  4. Wouza! This looks soo good:)) Just one question: does the hazelnuts process smoothly Or can you feel little pieces when drinking?

  5. Uhm, yum!! I made a similar dairy-free version a while ago, and it’s my favorite go-to when I need a healthified decadent nutella fix! Also, CONGRATS on becoming part of the Healthy Aperture blog! That is SO amazing!!! xo Dianna (

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  7. Nutella Shake sounds appetizing and lipsmacking. Thanks for sharing

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  9. I just tried this and it’s delicious!!! I didn’t add the ice, but may try it next time just to make it a little colder.
    The hazelnuts did blend smoothly (I used raw ones with the skins on). I also used cashew milk.
    Thanks for an amazing and healthy choc drink!

    • So glad you liked it! I’m weird with my smoothies/shakes…sometimes they seem too creamy, which is why I add the ice to add a texture that isn’t quite as smooth. Like I don’t like putting avocado in my smoothie bc it’s just TOO creamy! It’s weird. I’m weird. I don’t know.

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