Apr 28

What I Ate This Week

So this week was just weird.  I couldn’t really get in the groove of things.  Getting back into town on Sunday and starting a new job made it hard for me to get into my normal schedule.  I meal planned and grocery shopped on Sunday.  But then throughout the week…I didn’t make any of the meals I was planning to make, except for a smoked salmon pizza.  I just didn’t feel like cooking…which makes nutritious eating difficult. 

DinnersMonday: Breakfast Taco Bar. 

I just scrambled up some black beans with eggs and served them with some Cabot sharp cheddar + avocado slices.

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Tuesday: Out to eat with some girlfriends at Pradaria Steaks & Churrascaria!  We got a crazy awesome Groupon and got our meal for like a 1/4 of the original price.  Such a fun random Tuesday night.

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Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches on Whole Wheat English Muffins.  Served with sweet potato fries and a salad with cucumber + tomato + avocado + feta + red wine vinegar + salt/pepper.

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Thursday: Smoked Salmon Pizza.  Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Crust layered with pesto, shredded mozzarella, crumbled feta, caramelized onions + garlic, tomatoes & smoked salmon.  This was a little on the salty side.  I didn’t add any salt, but the smoked salmon and feta are such salty ingredients.

Thursday I planned an at-home date night for Andrew and I.  We ate this pizza and brownies and watched Wolf of Wall Street.  Geez that is the longest movie ever. 

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Friday: Pizza + Salad.  Pizza two days in a row…that is what happens with a lack of meal plan following.

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Saturday: We went to a wedding for some family friends! BBQ (and wedding cake) for everybody!

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what i ate this week (2 of 5)

Sunday: Chicken & Dumplings (…if you click that link, prepare yourself for “i’m-just-starting-a-food-blog” pictures.)

what i ate this week (5 of 5)


Lunch out with a new friend at Cafe Brasil.  I got the tamales: 1 chicken & 1 butternut + poblano.  LOVED the butternut squash one.  I’m not a big butternut squash fan but if it’s stuffed inside a tamale I could eat it  Love this restaurant.  So gorgeous and airy and open.  Plus, there was a English Bulldog puppy running around.

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I needed to buy a Chipotle gift card for a wedding gift sooo I of course had to get lunch too.

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Quesadillas + steamed zucchini.

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Pumpkin Pancakes from Kath Eats. Topped with peanut butter & banana slices

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It’s officially SMOOTHIE WEATHER!

This was a banana oat smoothie + granola…recipe here.

what i ate this week (3 of 5)


a smooshed graham cracker + almond butter sandwich.

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For our date night, I made tofu brownies from Chocolate Covered Katie.  I halved the sugar and added pumpkin in place of applesauce.

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I felt like I needed to switch up my workouts, so I did these strength workouts all week (2 upper body + 2 lower body workout).  Then I threw in my own cardio (stairstepper, elliptical, treadmill incline walking). 

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  1. Do you have a recipe for the BBQ chicken?

  2. I’m kind of looking for a bit of a workout switch-up too, so that link came at just the right time. :-)

    Congrats on the new job!

  3. Your eats always make me SO hungry! Everything looks so pretty :)

  4. Aw thanks for making the brownies. As always, your photos are beautiful :)

  5. That bulldog! LOVE!

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