May 12

What I Ate This Week.

So the big news of the week was…WE GOT A PUPPY.

What I ate this week (23 of 23)

Her name is Maggie and her legs are too big for her body right now and she’s perfect.  She’s a lab-fiest terrier mix.  I’m hoping she gets SO BIG.  We got her from CAPS (for any of you Houstonians looking for a dog).

Then on Friday, we closed on our house!  I would like to say I was really involved in the home buying processes…but Andrew took care of the entire stressful mortgage setup on his own.  And my thank you to him was a week filled with one failed dinner recipe after another.  At one point Andrew loving mentioned, “maybe you could just stick to the basics.”  There were two nights he had to heat up leftover chicken and call that dinner.  I’m stubborn and ate all the semi-edible dinners.  I know he was excited that we were spending some of the weekend at his parents house so he could get some good food:)  Dinners

Monday: Crispy Baked Tofu Fingers + marinara sauce.  Served with a side salad of blue cheese + almonds + dried cranberries.

I like tofu.  Andrew doesn’t love tofu.

What I ate this week (1 of 23)

Tuesday: Ricotta + Tomato Sauce Mac n’ Cheese + Store-bought Rotisserie Chicken.  Served with oven baked brussesls.

What I ate this week (2 of 23)

Wednesday:  So these were supposed to be teriyaki turkey burgers…but I made them way too wet and they completely fell apart.  People on instagram told me to call them “turkey sloppy joes.”  The asian slaw I topped them with made them look prettier, but they really weren’t good.

Served with {slightly burnt} baked sweet potato chips.

This was one of the nights Andrew defaulted to leftover chicken, which was for the best because I had a killer stomach ache the next day.

What I ate this week (6 of 23)

Thursday: Dinner party at my internship director’s house. 

{Side note: I have the most generous dietetic internship director.  She throws us so many parties.}

Shrimp + pasta + salad + grilled veggies + mini meatballs.  These grilled carrots were to.die.for.  I only snagged one because everyone else was loving them too.  Food goes fast in a house full of dietitians (to-be).

What I ate this week (10 of 23)

Friday:  Andrew and I spent half the weekend out in the country at his parents.  Dinner was baked cod with a lemon-parsley-butter sauce.  Served with bruschetta, roasted potatoes and salad.

What I ate this week (13 of 23)

 Saturday:  We had dinner plans with Layne (my sister) + Marco (her boyfriend), but Andrew and I were so stuffed from a huge BBQ lunch that we changed the double date from a dinner date to a froyo date.  Dinner ended up being some HEB salads I grabbed while doing our grocery shopping.  I went for the Greek salad and added some leftover rotisserie chicken once I got home.

What I ate this week (18 of 23)

Sunday: Crispy Baked White Bass + Parmesan Tomatoes + Broccoli

For the fish breading, I used this same recipe.

What I Ate this week-sunday (1 of 1)


BBQ in the country.  Just feels right.

What I ate this week (17 of 23)

Brussels Sprout + Chicken Quesadilla.  Served with tomato soup.

What I ate this week (8 of 23)

Leftover whole wheat ricotta mac n’ cheese + brussels sprouts + chicken.

What I ate this week (5 of 23)

Celebratory lunch after closing on our house.

Seafood enchiladas from Cafe Red Onion.  I actually didn’t like these.  When there is so much quantity…quality tends to suffer.  They used that stringy imitation crab that I’m not a fan of taste-wise.  I do like this restaurant though…it’s like a Caribbean-Mexican Fusion.  Next time I’ll get something with plantains & black beans. Yum.

What I ate this week (12 of 23)

Grandma on Mother’s Day.  So stinking cute!!!  We had a family lunch at a sketchy Mexican Restaurant…the best way to eat Mexican:)

What I ate this week (21 of 23)


any breakfast with a puppy is a good breakfast.

What I ate this week (20 of 23)

Blueberry overnight oats + granola.

What I ate this week (7 of 23)

Starbucks Classic Oatmeal.

What I ate this week (11 of 23)Snacks-Desserts

Carrot Cake from HEB at Andrew’s parents house.  This cake is so good!!  We’ve been having it at pretty much every special occasion lately!

What I ate this week (14 of 23)

Froyo double date with Layne + Marco. 

{Mine is the bottom one.  Cookie dough<3.}

What I ate this week (19 of 23)workout

Still going strong on week 4 of this strength training plan.  Squat weight is up to 115lbs for 8 reps. 

Also, puppy walks have been pretty fun:)

What I ate this week (15 of 23)



15 comments on “What I Ate This Week.”

  1. PUPPY!! I mean how adorable is that? I’ve been on an oats kick recently too and it’s been working well with my schedule.

  2. I am so excited for you! I almost got a puppy this weekend but my boyfriend vetoed it. And I hear ya on the failed dinners, it happens! Congratulations! Exciting week for you!

  3. OMG.
    1) I tried the LiveFit plan too!…gave up around week 6. I loved the first phase, but phase 2 was like bleh. Are you trying to follow the diet as well? The diet drove me nuts. I can’t snack on protein all day.
    2) CAFE RED ONION!! I actually remember loving those seafood enchiladas when I went. Great inspo to go and try them again!! Have you been to Madras Pavilion next door? Their manchurian cauliflower is TO DIE FOR (but uhh…it’s fried :/ Still.)
    3) After seeing your photos on instagram (mostly the one of the biscuit basket), my friend and I went to Federal Grill on sat!! THE BISCUIT BREAD BASKET IS AMAZING. How can one make such tender, buttery biscuits at home? Mine tend to be drier and smoother…but I wanna make ones like theirs! Swoon. Also, the brussels were fab.

    • My dad is OBSESSED with the seafood enchiladas lol. He gets them every single time we go. I don’t know why I didn’t LOVE them. I was so sure I would! Everything else I’ve had there is delicious!!

      So the Live Fit plan…funny you’ve done it too:)) I’m not looking forward to the decreased reps phase. And I’m definitely not doing the diet part. That would never work for me! Too restrictive! I’d go nuts!

      I like you even more now because you chase biscuit baskets lol:) I would totally do the same!! I’m super bummed I wasn’t invited to this Federal Grill outing!! I could eat those Brussels! What else did you get?!

      {Also, I always think of you when I post Houston restaurant stuff!}

      • Aww!! You have seriously led me to some great places. I feel like I’m just constantly following a trail of crumbs (i.e. your instagram photos) in a hazy, happy food coma.

        We both weren’t super hungry (and really just in it for the biscuits tbh) so we both got the roasted beet salad (very decent, but not spectacular) and a side of brussels. Super cute restaurant (have you SEEN the bathrooms?? Die.)!

        I propose a new hashtag: #houstonbiscuitsearch2014. Must find all the biscuits. Also, why do no restaurants here serve hush puppy bread baskets? :(

  4. Maggie is so darn cute. Love her.

  5. maggie is da bomb! so sweet. love her and your overnite oats!
    last week we became the proud parents of a koi angelfish.
    his name is sushi! :D

  6. Maggie is SO cute!!! I cannot wait to see more posts about her :)

  7. Congrats on the new puppy + house!

  8. That dog is SO dang adorable! Way to go on convincing the hubby to get a puppy and congrats on the house! I know I’ve said this on Instagram before but the tortillas you use look so good. What brand are they?

  9. Ahh!! Congrats on the new furry family member! Maggie— love it. Congrats on closing the house too! It’s so fun to follow your family life (I promise I’m not a stalker).
    Ugh I miss brussels sprouts. Why must they be out of season?? And I hate it when I get imitation crab as “seafood.” What a gyp!
    Also, I want that carrot cake.

  10. I sound like a broken record since I’m echoing the above comments, but your puppy is adorable! Also, my husband used to profess deep hatred for tofu, but he tried a bite of mine at a Thai restaurant and he’s slowly coming around. Thank goodness! I love that stuff.

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