May 30

Cream Cheese Frosting…for Breakfast

Hard to beat frosting for breakfast.

Cream Cheese Breakfast Frosting (5 of 9)

Oh I love fluffy frosting.  Did you click that link?  Hello, pretzel bottom.  I have an urge to make a pretzel stuffed grilled cheese.  With at least 3 different kinds of cheeses.  I’m hoping it happens soonish.

So this past weekend we went to Arkansas to visit Andrew’s sis + bro-in-law and I very nearly died after eating some sketch chicken at a concert.  Glad to be feeling better.  So glad.  I never don’t want to eat.  So it was a weird experience for me.  At one point Andrew did go on a sherbet + saltine cracker run for me.  That is love.

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We had a great trip otherwise.  Andrew’s sister had this romper that didn’t fit her quite right so she gave it to me.  I haven’t worn a romper since I was like 9 years old and the one I remember was jean and had a watermelon on it.  Or maybe that was a jumper? That thing that looks like overalls but it has a skirt at the bottom…not sure what that’s called.

But now I’m totally romper obsessed and think they’re completely the most brilliant and sensible things.  I thought they were going to be like a one piece bathing suit…but they’re totally comfortable.  Now there’s a part of me that wants this one.  And then another part of me is like no that’d be ridiculous. 

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Like all great recipes, this one was born out of necessity.  I was making overnight oats but we were all out milk.  So I added in some mashed banana and almond butter instead and then overnight it turned into something very nearly like cream cheese frosting.  And it has whole grains & greek yogurt & fruit so it’s a breakfast.

The thing about almond butter is that it has something oh-so-vaguely reminiscent of cake batter.  I don’t know what it is…but it’s there.  In all of it’s cake batter-y deliciousness.

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This breakfast idea couldn’t have come at a better time because I’ve been feeling super tired of all my breakfasts.  And on top of that I’ve become super bored of all vegetables.  All of them.  I eat them, but I’m not excited about them.  I need something new.  So I did something ridiculous and have started eating asparagus.  It used to make me gag, but it’s not so bad now.  Especially when you serve it with a Trader Joe’s goodie

In addition to asparagus eating, I’ve also made another life change.   I’ve switched from watching the Today Show to Good Morning America.  It seemed necessary.  I just needed a little life switcharoo for a bit.  And changing my morning talk show of choice seemed less drastic than say going to Bali or getting a tattoo or doing whatever one does when they feel just meh.

Cream Cheese Breakfast Frosting (9 of 9)

To end my meh-feelings….my morning needed frosting.

And have you seen this cake? It makes me smile real big.

Cream Cheese Frosting for Breakfast
  1. 1/2 cup oats (old-fashioned or quick)
  2. 1/2 cup plain 2% greek yogurt
  3. 1/2 banana, mashed
  4. 1 tablespoon salted almond butter
  5. 1 date, pitted & chopped
  6. 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  7. 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
  1. In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Cover and place in the fridge overnight. In the morning, use an electric hand mixer to whip the mixture together to make it all the more creamy and fluffy. Eat with a spoon and have the best morning ever.
Cream Cheese Breakfast Frosting (6 of 9)


32 comments on “Cream Cheese Frosting…for Breakfast”

  1. Definitely making this for breakfast tomorrow. That looks like heaven in a bowl. Yummm.
    Thanks for the recipe and glad to see you are feeling better!

  2. This looks amazing! Could you substitute honey/agave or something if you don’t have a date?

    • I think I just responded to you on insta:) But in case you’re a different Meg…YES! ~2 teaspoons honey would be a fine substitution! Or you can just leave the date/honey out all together. I made it this morning without and it was good!

      • Yes that was me on insta! :) haha. But thank you for replying twice! This is currently sitting in my fridge for tomorrow morning and I can’t wait!

  3. This is crazy!! but looks AMAZING!!

  4. This is BEYOND brilliant! This sounds like cookie dough in frosting form…which sounds like a meal I could live off of for the rest of my life. Pinning and making for breakfast asap! Would this be good slathered over muffins or waffles?

    • With the oats in it, it might be a little too heavy for topping muffins or waffles. But I’m still gonna say you should go for it:)

  5. Um. Just yes. Thank you for bringing frosting to the breakfast table.

  6. As a child, I used to eat birthday cake for breakfast during my birthday week…naturally, this sounds amazing! ;)

  7. SUCH a good idea! I am in a breakfast rut a little bit too, so I am totally trying this. Also, get that romper – it’s super cute.

  8. YUM! How about adding grated carrots? Cream cheese frosting + carrot cake?? :O

  9. I love this. Like, A LOT. I like my overnight oats thick and doughy, but this takes them to a new level of amazingness.
    Glad you’re feeling better! And yes, rompers are fantastic. Until you need to go to the bathroom. Hassle.

  10. Such a great idea. I love how you came up with this!

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  12. Yuuuum. This looks delicious Kylie! I’ve been lagging in the overnight oats department lately, but this may be just the recipe to revive my interest! :-)

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  14. Just went into my kitchen & mixed all the ingredients together…..can’t wait fir the morning! I, too get bored easily and like to change things up

  15. Okayyyy I want to make this but have no electric mixer!!! Any tips?

  16. Does this recipe make one serving?

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