Sep 03

What I Ate This Week

This labor day weekend we headed up to my parents’ lakehouse.  We ate, fished, swam, walked and did a lot of relaxing.  I’m a third of the way into the Gone Girl book and really loving it.  My glute is feeling 85% better so I’ve started doing some powerlifting training with Andrew.  I just started this past Sunday but it’s fun to train rather than just workout.  Before I knew Andrew I thought powerlifting was like lifting a heavy rock on top of a pillar, but now I know it’s just three lifts: squat, deadlift, benchpress.  I’m training for fun, but Andrew is competing this month! On to the food..


Monday: Chicken Sausage, Spinach, Ricotta & Tortellini Pasta.  LOVED THIS.  Based off this recipe.  I used ricotta instead of half-and-half and chicken sausage instead of regular.

What I Ate 9-3-5

Tuesday: Leftover pasta from Tuesday.

What I Ate 9-3-24

Wednesday: Cocoa Whole Wheat Toast topped with ricotta & eggs. Served with a side of broccoli.  Cocoa bread on blog FRIDAY.

What I Ate 9-3-13

Thursday: Polenta Pizza.  Recipe soon!

What I Ate 9-3-25

Friday: Quick dinner stop at Chick-fila on the way to the lake.

What I Ate 9-3-15


Saturday: Pulled Pork Tacos at the lake.

What I Ate 9-3-20

Sunday: Chipotle Burrito Bowl + a margarita split with Andrew.

What I Ate 9-3-23



leftover pizza + salad.

What I Ate 9-3-4

leftover chicken sausage tortellini pasta.

What I Ate 9-3-11


overnight banana chia oatmeal with peanut butter.

What I Ate 9-3-6

breakfast at the lake = egg + cheese + bacon biscuit (I had 2…so good).





What I Ate 9-3-17 

more banana chia seed oatmeal eaten on the go.

What I Ate 9-3-7


bluebell vanilla ice cream + black bean brownie.

What I Ate 9-3-21

obsessed with Cherry Republic Cherry Salsa. 

What I Ate 9-3-19

chai tea latte.  Since I’ve been making my own chai tea latte concentrate I now realize how sweet the Starbucks version is.  I like the homemade version better.  But it’s hard to beat the Starbucks experience, ya know?

What I Ate 9-3-12

Red velvet fro-yo with oatmeal cookies.

What I Ate 9-3-14

Smoothie + cocoa bread with peanut butter (recipe FRIDAY).

What I Ate 9-3-9

PB mug cake.  Don’t remember the specific ingredients but it was a mix of oat flour, peanut butter, brown sugar, baking powder, chocolate chips.

What I Ate 9-3-3

And some randomness.  I had a day date with a friend and found this gold moose head at Z Gallerie that I’m obsessed with.  I just don’t know where I’d put him in my house.  He was only like $35 too.  I need go back and get him.  I’m sure I could find a place.

What I Ate 9-3-8

And also…I totally look like my parents’ dog in this pictures.  We both have sleepy, early morning eyes.

What I Ate 9-3-16

And that’s it! Hope you had a great labor day weekend.  Yay short weeks!

9 comments on “What I Ate This Week”

  1. im waiting for that cocoa bread because lately i have been into bread..just made chocolate tahini loaf..seems like lake was very fun,

  2. Cocoa bread? Totally yum! Also, I’m obsessed with polenta pizza – so good!

  3. I love that moose head!! You have to get it!!

  4. Cocoa bread?? Yes, please!! Also, I have made polenta pizza before and it was SO good! I’m excited to see your version!

  5. Cocoa bread? That seems fun!

  6. Ahhh I can not wait for that cocoa bread recipe!! :)

  7. What did you order at Chic-file? I have never eaten there but hear they have antibiotic free chickens. What you had looks yummy……what is it?

  8. syrup has sugar, where cocoa does not. since it’s such a small amount, i don’t think it would be too diustsroas if you switch them out. just use 2 tbsp.

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