Nov 26

2-Ingredient Pie Crust Bites

This here is pre-pie pie.

2-Ingredient Pie Crust Bites.  For when you want pie, but don't want to actually make pie.

Before the day of all things pie (and turkey and sweet potatoes and cranberries), I felt it necessary to give you a little taste of pie…hence the name ‘pre-pie pie.’

I’ve decided that I’m more excited for Thanksgiving leftovers than I am for Thanksgiving.  Okay, maybe not more excited.  But definitely equally excited.  I’ve got my Friday tweets scheduled and they’re stocked full of ideas for thanksgiving leftovers.  Right now I’m most intrigued by the idea of ‘waffling’ leftovers (i.e. stuffing, mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce-infused waffles).  Can’t even wait. 

2-ingredient Pie Crust Bites.  For when you want pie, but don't want to make one. Only 2-ingredients!” height=”495″ width=”330″>

So dates may be the ugliest food in the world.  It’s a close tie between dates and lentils.  Anytime I serve someone lentils I feel the need to include a disclaimer like…”so this dinner might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but I really think it’s gonna taste okay.”  Back in my college days I’d come home on the weekends and would cook a meal/dessert for my family.  About a year into this routine my dad said he knew if a meal/dessert was going to be good or not depending on whether I included a disclaimer before I served it.  No disclaimer = delicious.  Disclaimer = not so delicious.  

2-Ingredient Pie Crust Bites 2-ingredient Pie Crust Bites

I’ve decided to make the most ridiculous dessert for Thanksgiving.  Initially I was going to make a pie.  But I already made pie and we have some serious bakers coming to our Thanksgiving who can easily put my pie making to shame.  I’ll be sure to share said ridiculous dessert on instagram.

What are you guys making for Thanksgiving? Sweet? Savory? Tell me!  I want to daydream about it.

2-Ingredient Pie Crust Bites | ImmaEatThat

These pie bites are perfect for when you want pie, but don’t want to make a pie.  I had big plans for my pumpkin pie leftovers…but then I didn’t feed Andrew enough for dinner one night and gone were my 3 pieces of leftover pie.  I was planning on making another pie so I’d have leftover pie to experiment with in some recipes…but pie making is too time intensive, especially when you’ve got more important things to do

2-Ingredient Pie Crust Bites.  Just dates and graham crackers!

One of my biggest annoyances in life is when a recipe is called “2-ingredient whatever”…but then it actually has like 4 ingredients.  Or when a recipe says “one-pot dinner”…but actually uses 1 pot, 2 bowls and a skillet.  It makes no sense. 

In an effort to not annoy myself, these pie bites seriously only need two ingredients: graham crackers & dates.  Easy peasy.

2-ingredient Pie Crust Bites!  For when you want pie, but don't want to actually make a pie.

2-Ingredient Pie Crust Bites
  1. 4 large dates, pitted
  2. 8 whole graham crackers (I used Trader Joe's Brand)
  1. Place dates in a microwave safe bowl and cover with water. Microwave for 3 minutes and then let sit for 5 mintues. Drain water off the dates. Use the back of a fork for mash dates until smooth. Using your hands, crumble graham crackers into a coarse flour. Combine graham cracker flour and mashed dates until a 'dough' mixture forms. Roll into small balls and store in the fridge for up to a week.
Makes 15-20 pie crust bites
Oh, and if you really do want to make a pie…there’s always this Pumpkin Chocolate Pecan pie.

Fudgy Pumpkin Brownie Pecan Pie

10 comments on “2-Ingredient Pie Crust Bites”

  1. I love the pie crust. I totally am the person that takes off the little decorative lip that goes around the top….

  2. The crust might be my favorite part of the pie… maybe I’ll snack on these guys tonight to satisfy my pie desire :) I’m making sweet potato brownies (Lean Green Bean recipe)- I got off easy this year, Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. If only there were graham crackers in Sweden! But, we’ve got ginger snaps a plenty. Or, perhaps digestives? Either way, this is genius. I’m gonna have at it!

  4. So simple yet so delicious! I could go crazy adding things to these and making all sort of different varieties!

  5. Only 2 ingredients – SO easy and SO tasty!

  6. I have an excess of both ingredients in the house right now. Definitely will try them this weekend! I’m baking a pumpkin pie with pecan praline for the Joy the Baker cookbook tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it will turn out well! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I must try this! I love pie and pie crust!

    xo T.

  8. I totally love this idea… I love the idea of using this to make a crust for a pie too! Whyyyy have I never thought of dates + graham crackers before?

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