Latte Ice Cubes for Anytime Frappuccinos

I recently came home to a Hatchery box on my doorstep.

Hatchery \\

Hatchery sent me the box free of charge to play around with!

I opened the box to find 5 presents to be unwrap.  I’m very much a wrapped present person, as opposed to a gift bag present person.  A wrapped present is way more exciting to open than to just pull tissue paper out of a gift bag.  Ya know?

So clearly I was all about this presentation.  Loved it.

Hatchery \\

In my box there were samples of: 


Apple Pie Drinking Vinegar

Sweet & Tangy Mustard

Apricot Fruit Spread

Grey Salt Caramel

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The box also came with a card highlighting the maker of each product + a recipe featuring one of the products.  

I choose to take the ingredients into my own hands and whip up a recipe featuring the CCMade Grey Salt Caramel.

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Hatchery \\

Sometimes you dream big with dreams of frappuccinos all day, evverryday.

And for those dreams we’ve now got latte ice cubes.  Soo necessary.

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And so easy.

All you do is freeze some layered milk + coffee ice cubes.  Add some more milk.  Blend.

So easy.

Then add a bit of milk foam (if desired) and drizzle with your caramel.

Yay, coffee!

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Latte Ice Cubes for Anytime Frappuccinos

Make frappuccinos all the time.

Total Time: freeze time + 5 minutes


ice cubes
2 cups brewed coffee
2 cups milk

enough milk to blend
Sel Gris Caramel Sauce


Fill ice cube trays half full with coffee.  Allow to freeze.  Once coffee is frozen, fill the remaining half of the ice cube tray with milk.  Freeze until hard.  Whenever you want a frappuccino, just blend a couple handfuls of ice cubes with milk.  Then top with some frothed milk (if desired) and a caramel sauce drizzle.

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