Aug 25

DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches

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So. Kinda ridiculous but…

annie's DIY ice cream sandwich | #sponsored

…here is a stack of ice cream sandwiches to look at.  Actually that’s not that ridiculous because it’s ice cream and evverrybody loves an ice cream snack.

I was recently asked what my favorite part of summer has been so far.  I said cherry ice cream. Because it’s just so delish.  I was probably supposed to say oh my favorite part of summer was my trip to Hawaii.  But I didn’t go to Hawaii.  So cherry ice cream it is.

If you are still trying to decide what your favorite thing about summer is, throw a DIY ice cream sandwich hoorah for your family or roommate or yourself or yourself + your dog (but don’t let your dog eat any of the chocolate-containing cookie sandwiches even if your photo backdrop comes crashing down on your cookie sandwiches and cookie bits go flying everywhere.  The worst.).

annie's DIY ice cream sandwich bar | #sponsored

But, you guys.  Confession.  If I never have to take a picture of ice cream again I will be happy.  It’s too hot and it melts too easily and I get too angry.  By the end of the shoot I decided to embrace the messiness (see last photo in this post).

So for these DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches you need cookies, ice cream and toppings.

For toppings (or errmm, side-ings) I went with peanut butter chips, sprinkles and white chocolate chips.

For cookies I used Annie’s Cookie Bites, specifically the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites and Lemon Drop Cookie Bites.  But if truth be told the Oatmeal Cookie Bites are actually my favorite of the three. 

The cookie bite size made the perfect MINI (=cute) ice cream sandwiches.

Annie's DIY ice cream sandwich bar | #sponsored

And since it’s hard to beat freshly baked cookies, I also baked a batch of Annie’s new ready-to-bake Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Annie's DIY ice cream sandwich bar | #sponsored

For ice cream I decided to use 3 flavors to give your guests (or your roommate or just yourself) a choice for their ice cream sandwich creation.  The 3 ice cream flavors I chose were cherry (duh), fudgy chocolate and cookie dough.

First up was the banana split-inspired ice cream sandwich made with Annie’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites + cookie dough ice cream + whipped cream + a cherry on top.  For the ice cream scoop I used a melon baller to get a perfectly sized baby scoop of ice cream.  If you want to use coconut whipped cream instead of dairy whipped cream, that is fine.

banana split ice cream sandwiches | #sponsored

And in the off chance your guests don’t like ice cream sandwiches that are trying to be banana splits, there is always the next option of Annie’s Lemon Drop Cookie Bites + cherry ice cream + sprinkles.  I found vegetables dyed sprinkles at our grocery store.  So these actually have vegetables in them too.  Sorta.

lemon cookie + cherry ice cream sandwiches | #sponsored

And finally for our chocolate lovers out there we’ve got Annie’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies + fudgy chocolate ice cream + white chocolate & peanut butter chips.  

Approximately 99.7% of the time I feel very meh about white chocolate, but the other 0.3% of the time I’m very much team white chocolate.  I’m having a white chocolate moment currently.

pb & white chocolate ice cream sandwich | #sponsored

So I don’t recommend photographing your ice cream sandwiches because they melt at an incredibly fast rate.  But I do recommend just eating them.  Happy Summer to YOU<3<3<3.

annie's DIY ice cream sandwich bar | #sponsored

5 comments on “DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches”

  1. These are SO cute. I bet I could eat a hundred of them! Fun size :)

  2. Ok, this is amazing. I HAD to pin that picture! ;)

  3. Ice cream sandwiches definitely remind me of summer. Hawaii is nice too though! :)

  4. LOVE this post! I need to make ice cream sandwiches more often!

  5. Best thing I have seen all week!

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