Apr 13

immaEATthat and That and THAT


So we’re in the thick of the kitchen remodel.  I don’t think I’m going crazy or at wits-end quite yet because last night I made us dinner and then proceeded to spill my entire plate of food all over my lap…BUT I didn’t cry!  If I was in I-can’t-handle-not-having-a-kitchen-sink-anymore mode, I would have definitely cried.  So things are good.  

The only down part of the kitchen remodel is that I keep losing my car keys because the house is such a wreck.  This has led to some dramatic mornings.  I owe Andrew a case of Guinness to apologize.

On my current i-wanna-make-you list I’ve got…

i think it would be nice to have these for breakfast.

wanna put this on waffles?

my childhood gone vegan.

i can always be down for a kale caesar (dressing made with tofu!!!).

brownie bites made with sweet potatoes and bananas? OKAY!

asparagus pesto covering pillows of dough.

cannot get enough spring rolls right now.

OH and carrot cake banana bread?!!!

omelete love.

gimme an ocean view + this meal.

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