May 28

Joyful Eating Program: 6 week intuitive & mindful eating course

Hey guys! I’m just popping in to tell you about a really neat opportunity some of my RD blogger friends have created.

Anne (who is an all around bad ass RD), Alex (who gives the best massages during yoga), and Rachael (who has an epic sense of humor and recently told the best Mean Girls joke) have designed an intuitive & mindful eating course that I wanted to tell you about.  

I’ve gotten to meet all of these ladies in real life and have a call with them every other week to chat about blogging/intuitive eating/RD things…so I’ve gotten to know them well.  Over the last 6 months they have worked to put together an incredible intuitive eating course that I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with their relationship with food and their body.  While the below link is an affiliate link, I wouldn’t recommend this program to you unless I truly believed in it.  I encourage you to look into it if you are struggling to make peace with food and your body.  It’s not worth struggling with this crap for the rest of your life! Get help if you need help!

Click here to visit Joyful Eating, Nourished Life Program.

Joyful Eating Program

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