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Saigon Cinnamon Affogato (and I found a hazelnut latte ice cream!)

This post is sponsored by H-E-B (aka my fav grocery store).

Come visit me! I have a freezer filled to the brim with ice cream pints!

affogato |

And not just any ice cream pints(!!!), but super fun flavored ice cream pints.  

Umm…do you see the two flavors on the top of this stack???? They are my ice cream plans for summer.  I don’t think I need any other flavors.  I mean, hazelnut latte? It’s like they consulted me when coming up with this new line of unique H-E-B Central Market ice cream flavors.

I wasn’t consulted, but I think they can like see inside my brain because hazelnut latte is such a brilliant ice cream idea.

affogato |

What to do when you have 8 pints of ice cream in your fridge? You make an affogato, of course.

I think affogato is the ultimate latte.  I’ve never ordered an affogato off a menu before.  I’ll have to start looking for it more and get one when I get the chance.

affogato |

But if I don’t find one on a menu in the near future, I’ll be just fine thanks to the nice little stockpile of ice cream pints in my fridge and my french press.  

My favorite flavors of ice cream to use in the affogato were the hazelnut latte (coffee on coffee) and the saigon cinnamon.  Creamy, cold cinnamon + hot coffee.  YES.

And my imagination says an affogato would also be good with the Buttermilk Caramel and/or the Dark Chocolate Ganache.

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Ohh.  And if you are local (i.e. in/near Houston), H-E-B is hosting an event where you’ll get to meet the ice cream chef, try the new ice cream flavors and head home with a swag bag of goodies.  Details for how to enter will be on my instagram/facebook/twitter today.  Or you can just check out the hashtag, “#primopicks.”

affogato |

Classic Affogato



Pour hot coffee over ice cream.  Done.

HEB ice cream post - high res-16

sigh.  what a summer dream come true.

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36 comments on “Saigon Cinnamon Affogato (and I found a hazelnut latte ice cream!)”

  1. I think the coconut ginger looks tasty!

  2. the cinnamon flavor looks SO good!

  3. Oh my, I want to try ALL of those flavors!

  4. Oh man, buttermilk caramel? Sign me up!

  5. Coconut ginger flavor looks divine!!! 

  6. Oh my gosh, Jamaican Jam sounds absolutely incredible!

  7. These look incredible, and I agree that affogatos are insanely delicious! I really love the design of the cartons too. So eye-catching and pretty!

  8. Give me all of that Whiskey Honey!

  9. Dark Chocolate Ganache looks fab!

  10. Sundae Parlor!  Love the fancy take on a classic

  11. The lemon flavor w/rosemary shortbread is my FAV (you really don’t taste the rosemary) &  hazelnut is very delish too! Prefer these over the chocolate ganache….These have def become lake food staples :)

  12. My boyfriend is an ice cream fiend…he’d love this.

  13. OMG can you deliver me that whole tower, I live no where near you. Totally trying my own. 

  14. Saigon cinnamon! Wow!

  15. Sundae parlor please!
    Have you had the frozen coffee from chickfila? I’m obsessed with it!

  16. Sundae Parlor and Hazelnut Latte look amazing! Also I bet I’d love the Saigon Cinnamon.

  17. Chocolate ganache! or saigon cinnamon!  Or coconut ginger?  They all look amazing!

  18. Why can’t we have an HEB where I live??!?!

  19. Oh man that cinnamon one sounds incredible!

  20. Definitely Dark Chocolate Ganache!!

  21. Headed over to HEB after work…coconut ginger is waiting for me.

  22. The coconut and ginger flavor sounds just perfect for my love of sweet and spicy!

  23. Saigon Cinn sounds the best but WOW those all look yummy

  24. I know I’m so basic, but the chocolate ganache looks great.

  25. Hazelnut latte ice cream?!?! YUMMMMM!! 

  26. Buttermilk Caramel! That sounds amazing!

  27. the hazelnut latte sounds soo good!

  28. I don’t see it pictured, but I’ve had the lemon shortbread one and it is yum!

  29. Hazelnut Latte sounds amazing!!

  30. My family’s made fun of for ordering cinnamon ice cream but I will take the heat for the Saigon Cinnamon!

  31. I love that there is ice cream spilling all over the counter! Because why clean it up, if I can take an awesome photo of it first!! haha I have only read 2 posts of yours, but I am in love with you already!!! You remind me of me!! Love it girl!! Keep the posts comin! xoxo

  32. All of them! Will definitely have to go there if I am ever in Houston!

  33. Oh my, that looks so delicious! I wish we had those in the Netherlands too… Too bad you can’t order ice-cream by mail..

    But enjoy your ice! :)

  34. How did I not know about this? I’m in HEB all the time feeding teenagers. Dark chocolate for the win as far as I’m concerned but the hazelnut latte is going to be a strong contender in my house.

  35. Buttermilk Caramel FTW!

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