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Pickled Beet Thai Pasta Salad

This post was sponsored by Dreamfields.

Hi hello and welcome to #PastaPalooza2016.  This is where I’m going to tell you about 1) a recent pasta fav of mine and 2) why you should make it and take it on a picnic, and 3) how you can win some free pasta and great prizes.

pickled beet thai pasta salad |

It’s summer time, which means it’s time to get out and feel the sun on your skin.  If you are thinking, “do pasta and sunshine go together?” I am here to tell you that they do, because pasta salad is the perfect portable dish to bring with you on a picnic.  And I have about a bajillion memories of eating pasta salad at swim meets when I used to swim on my neighborhood swim team.  Moral of the story, I know that pasta and sunshine were MFEA Sleepless in Seattle style.

pickled beet thai pasta salad |

So about this pasta salad.  I do have to say that this pasta is quite the success story in my life, because this is the first time I’ve gotten Andrew to eat tofu without complaining.  He, of course, added chicken to this because he lives with the mentality, “if it doesn’t have meat, it’s a side dish.” I disagree, but that’s a minor detail.  

For this pasta, I used Dreamfields pasta.  Their pasta tastes like traditional pasta, but I feel like it is a bit more al dente, which I REALLY enjoy.  It may be because Dreamfield’s pasta have more fiber (yay, healthy digestion) and protein (yay, staying power!) than traditional pasta.  

(psst. if you want a coupon for some Dreamfield’s pasta, click here).

pickled beet thai pasta salad |

The pasta salad is made with my favorite peanut sauce – peanut butter, sesame oil, soy sauce and vinegar come together to make the most delicious Asian-style sauce.  I’m so used to pasta salads being Italian tasting, but I totally welcome this Asian variation.

pickled beet thai pasta salad |

To help you get out in the sun for some movement this summer, you could load all these ingredients up into a picnic basket and walk or bike to your local park for a picnic, or just set up a table outside and bring your dinner outside for an evening.  

Being in nature and feeling sunshine on your skin is so perfect.  Sweating your brains out is not perfect, so I recommend summertime picnics be in the evening as the sun is setting.

pickled beet thai pasta salad |

Other components of a great picnic include – sourdough bread + cheese + sliced avocado // orange slice + mint infused water (you can pack it to-go in a mason jar) // chocolate covered almond for a sweet end to the meal (or they may need to be a beginning of the meal depending on how sunny it is out and the rate they’re melting) // sparkling water // fresh fruit (especially watermelon).

And speaking of watermelon, there IS an ideal way to cut a watermelon.  You end up with watermelon sticks, which, in my opinion, are better than watermelon wedges.  The watermelon cutting technique goes like this…

pickled beet thai pasta salad | immaEATthat.compickled beet thai pasta salad | pickled beet thai pasta salad |

To get the recipe for this pasta salad, click HERE.

In other news, check out Dreamfields pasta’s summer promotion, #PastaPalooza2016! Every week there’s a chance to win fun prizes with ONE lucky participant winning the #Pastapalooza2016 Grand Prize – a year’s supply of Dreamfields pasta + a $1,000 gift card! Another winner will receive some prizes to help you get out in the sun this summer, this includes: Deluxe Volleyball & Badminton Game Set, a $50 gift card, and family pack of Dreamfields Pasta.  Deets on entering to win big are here.

Happy summer picnic-ing to you!

6 comments on “Pickled Beet Thai Pasta Salad”

  1. Watermelon sticks! Such a great idea!

  2. I really need to go have a picnic somewhere! Pasta salad is so perfect for the summer. It reminds me so much of Fourth of July! And those are always good memories ?

  3. You’re blowing my mind, girl! I’m OBSESSED with pickled beets and am digging the Thai flavors you’ve got going on here. I wish I lived closer to you, cause I’d 200% invite myself to all of your picnics ;)

  4. Love picnics and loved pasta so this is right up my alley. Gimme all the carbs!

  5. Your spread looks in-credible!! Your avocado looks so perfectly sliced, and I love the pasta salad. I need to try to make our own pickled beets soon!

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