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Banana Split Bark

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk. 

This is a fun one. 

banana split bark. Made with graham crackers and nut butter! |

Or I think it’s a fun recipe.  You may just think I’m nuts.  And that is perfectly okay.

As I’m typing up this post I’m eating a chunk of this bark. So rest assured that I will be able to properly capture the deliciousness that these are.

banana split bark. Made with graham crackers and nut butter! |

Let me now describe this here bark more in depth.

You lay out a bunch of graham crackers and then you pour over a thick chocolatey pudding-of-sorts that it made out of chocolate, chocolate almond butter and Almond Breeze almondmilk.  Then you add some fresh cherries and banana slices to the top.

The chocolate layer comes out thick and fudgy. Then you bite into a banana slice and it’s cool and creamy.  Then you finish it off with a bite of cherry and your mind will say, “ohhhemG this is JUST like a banana split.”  Or that’s what my mind said and then I named this banana split bark.  That’s how that happened. 

Side note: I had never actually had a banana split until our San Fran trip when we stopped at Ghirardelli.  Boy.  I would love to go back to San Francisco for one weekend each month.  How can I do that? Imma set the vision and see where that gets me.  

Another side note: I actually try to not use “imma” too much on this blog.  In real life people say it A LOT to me as a joke:)

banana split bark. Made with graham crackers and nut butter! |

So.  This recipe has me thinking…since Almond Breeze is helping fuel Team USA Volleyball athletes and is the official almondmilk of the organization, perhaps the athletes would like to have some banana split bark when they’re resting.  Who do I talk to about making this happen? Dunno. I’ll keep you posted.  

banana split bark. Made with graham crackers and nut butter! |

Eating this banana split bark also got me thinking…what are the other banana split things I have made? Well.  If you are wondering there was that time I made a banana split crumble and that other time I made breakfast banana splits with graham crunch.  Both solid recipes.

But more importantly, how was your weekend? Are you doing fun, summery things this summer? I’m going to tell you about my weekend tomorrow, but for now, I’d love to hear about yours:)

banana split bark. Made with graham crackers and nut butter! |

Banana Split Bark

Yield: a baking sheet worth of bark (or about 4 cups of bark)

Total Time: 15 minutes (1 hour freeze time)


2/3 cup chocolate almond butter*
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/3 cup Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened Almondmilk
3 tablespoons sugar
pinch salt
14 graham crackers
1 cup cherries
1 small banana


In a sauce pan over low heat, combine chocolate almond butter, chocolate chips, Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened Almondmilk, sugar and salt until smooth.  Stir frequently to prevent chocolate from burning.  Lay 12 graham crackers out on a baking sheet.  Pour chocolate mixture over graham crackers and spread evenly over all the graham crackers.  Top with cherries and banana slices.  Crush the two remaining graham crackers and sprinkle over the top.  Place in the freezer for one hour (enough to let your chocolate layer firm up, but not enough to let the bananas/cherries totally freeze!).  Remove from the freezer and roughly chop with a knife.

Store in the freezer for snack time/an after lunch sweet something/because-i-want-something-chocolatey time/when you feel hot and want something cold.  ENJOY, MY FRIEND!

*Feel free to use whatever nut butter you have on hand.  If it isn't sweetened/chocolate, just add 2 additional tablespoons chocolate chips:)

banana split bark. Made with graham crackers and nut butter! |

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9 comments on “Banana Split Bark”

  1. This would such a fun thing to make for when my girlfriends come over. I’ve only had a banana split once in my life and it was an experience! Such a yummy combo of flavors.

  2. This sounds absolutely heavenly, and your photos are gorgeous!! This recipe is a must, and I know Matt and I will love it. =D Our weekend was really fun. Both days started with rain, which was really calming, and then the sun came out for the remainder of the day. We found Matt and his brothers’ suits for the wedding, bought his QALO ring, and we’re narrowing down his choices for his nice ring. My best friend’s oldest girl is turning five, so we went to her party for a little bit yesterday afternoon. Lastly, I made Lentil Granola bars thanks to Anne of Fannetastic Food + meal planned. Lovely weekends make Monday more difficult! ;)

    • Rain in the morning is so calm:) Love it. And Anne’s recipes are always a solid choice! Glad your weekend was filled with so many enjoyable things!

  3. This looks so good! I don’t think I have ever had a banana split!

  4. I appreciate that! I hope you have a great day!

  5. yummm!! perfect combo of flavors and such a great recipe idea Kylie!

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