Crispy Cheese Tortilla Breakfast Tacos

As a child when we would stay at my grandma she would always make my older sister and I our go-to breakfasts.  My go-to was french toast.  I can not even imagine the number of pieces of french toast topped with powdered sugar that I ate as a child.  My sister’s go-to was fried cheese toast, which is a process of pretty much sautéing cheese in a skillet until melted and then topping it with a piece of bread.  Then you wait until the cheese squeezes into the little bread crevices and starts to get toasted and crispy.  It’s quite divine.

Today we aren’t talking fried cheese toast though.  Today we are talking fried cheese tortillas!!!!!!!  They’ll pretty much change ya life.  And it should be noted that we all really owe my grandma for inspiring me with her fried cheese toast.

First up.  Grease your skillet (i used a bit of olive oil).  Heat over medium.  Place a pile of grated cheese on your skillet about the size of your tortilla.  I used extra sharp cheddar.

crispy cheese breakfast tacos

Continue to heat until cheese is completely melted (about 1 more minute).  Then place a tortilla on top of it all.

crispy cheese breakfast tacos |

Cook for another ~2 minutes until cheese is golden brown and crispy.  You can take a peek at the cheese to see if it’s crispy enough.  If it isn’t, just keep cooking it.

When you flip it, it should be crispy-golden-perfection.

crispy cheese breakfast tacos-3

Then top crispy, cheesy, perfect tortilla with your typical breakfast taco ingredients.  I went with eggs, salsa, rosemary.

crispy cheese breakfast tacos-6

Fold it up and eat.  Yo breakfast tacos will never be the same.  EVER.

crispy cheese breakfast tacos-7


  1. Oh. My. Word…I can’t even imagine how good this is going to be later today! I seriously cannot get over it…I love making cheese crisps with havarti, but putting it on a tortilla for a breakfast taco?? You’re a genius and this is why I love following your blog (that and a lot of other reasons!)

  2. I’m not usually an eggs for breakfast person but BOY OH BOY I might make an exception for this beauty.

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  5. This looks so good! Does a non-stick skillet work best?

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