Falafel Kale Salad Sandwich

Now.  THIS is a sandwich.

falafel caesar salad sandwich | immaEATthat.com

I found these random flatbread things at the grocery store and they looked delicious, so I turned them into a sandwich.  I’ve got some leftover that will likely be turned into a pizza on Friday night.  And will probably be served with wine.  No ragrets.  

(i feel like i can’t even make a spelling joke because my grammar suck so bad that you will probably think i really think ‘regrets’ is spelt like ‘RAgrets’.)

Any who.  I’ve posted 3 dinner recipes in a row this week.  Are you tired of dinner yet? Are you tired of me yet? Don’t leave me.  I’m a people pleaser.  I can change.  I promise I will not be posting a dinner recipe tomorrow. 

falafel caesar salad sandwich | immaEATthat.com

OH MY GOSH.  Today’s insight into being married to my husband.  As I’m typing up this post Andrew is going through everything we’re spent since January and categorizing it.  He just asked me what I bought at Target in January.  I’ve got no earthy idea.  It was probably something fabulous that I totally needed.  

It’s great that he cares about the budget and categorizing expenses.  He’s a far better adult than me.  

Speaking of Andrew…his mom just finished The Girl on the Train and passed it along to me.  Have you read it? I’m 10 pages in and loving it.  I hate thriller movies (too scary), but I love thriller books.  

falafel caesar salad sandwich | immaEATthat.com

Story time: Panera has (used to have?) a Caesar Salad Sandwich on a 3 cheese bread.  Yum.  It was my favorite.  Growing up my grandparents would watch us and would pick up Panera for dinner and I would tell them to get me a Caesar salad sandwich and occasionally my grandpa would come back with a chicken salad sandwich. NOOOOOOOO.  I’d eat it because it was the only option, but I hated when that happened.  Die, Mayo.  Die.  I don’t want you.  I didn’t know this week was going to turn into an i-feel-very-meh-about-mayo week, but here we are.  Oh.  And speaking of Panera, don’t even get me started on how their entire menu is plastered with calorie counts.  Eww.

So. Caesar salad sandwiches.  They are great.  And when you put falafel on them, they’re double great.  This falafel recipe was inspired by my easy, peasy baked falafel.  I didn’t have lentils, so I used chickpeas instead.  And I pan-fried them instead of baking them.  So crispy.

If you like falafel, kale caesar salad and carbs…there is a 62849% chance you will like this recipe.

Falafel Kale Salad Sandwich


1, 15oz can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 large bunch cilantro, most of stems removed
1½ tablespoons olive oil
1 clove garlic
1/2 lemon, juiced
3/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

kale caesar
caesar dressing

flatbread, pita bread, naan, or other delicious carb


In the bowl of a food processor, place all falafel ingredients.  Pulse until mixture will stick together when rolled into a ball.  Roll falafel dough into 12 small-ish disks.  Pan-fry them immediately (or place in the fridge until you are ready to pan-fry/eat).  To pan-fry, heat some olive oil over medium heat.  Add falafel and cook on each side until golden brown and crisp.  

Toss together kale, romaine, parmesan and caesar dressing.  Assemble sandwich with satisfying carb of choice + kale salad + falafel.

falafel caesar salad sandwich | immaEATthat.com