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wisdom.I came across the above wisdom from Madelyn Moon’s Instagram.  Do you follow her? I’d recommend following her.

I so agree with that sentence.  I finally began looking out for myself when I was proactive in doing things because I love my body and NOT because I hate my body.  The self-love part was a couple year long journey.  Now I feel like I’m in a place where I take excellent care of myself.  I feel like self-awareness and knowing what you need is key to being able to take care of yourself.

yummy eats from around the internet:

in honor of fall: pumpkin snickerdoodle baked oatmeal AND butternut squash french toast.

would you eat this?

an epic list of all the oatmeal recipes you should make.

pumpkin muffins.

SOOOO excited for this.

thoughts on family’s signature meals. I so want to start celebrating half birthdays with a half cake.


  1. I used to celebrate my half birthday as a kid but never with a half cake! It’s genius!

    • I KNOW! SO FUN! I keep forgetting my half birthday and other’s half birthdays. I’m going to start putting them in my calendar. Half cakes here I come!

  2. Half cake for a half birthday…that’s funny! For the past few years, I’ve been making a pie on my half birthday because half birthdays and pies are both underappreciated in my opinion and I want to change that!

  3. I remember when we first started, you sent me a snack idea of chocolate hummus, and I DID make it… but I only managed 2 bites before it became too weird haha!

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