immaEATthat and That and THAT

yep.{found here}

a fall uniform that i could wear everyday.

i’m starting to respond to some blog reader’s questions via video.  I shared the first video yesterday.  It’s on body image.  It you have questions you’d like me to consider answering, you can email them to

my red wine hot chocolate is going crazy on the internet right now.  it’s always fun when a recipe blows up a bit.

i’m 37 and live in Michigan.  OMGsh i’m so boring.

these breakfast cookies.


  1. Well, looks like I’m a boring Michigan-der too!
    That red wine hot chocolate looks amazing ? Happy humpy day to ya, Kylie!

  2. I got 37 and Michigan too lol!! No shame ;) Those cookies look so yum and I want to try the hot chocolate!


    Also, loveeed that fall uniform article and excited to watch your video!!!

  4. Lol I got 38 in Indiana (except I’m in my 20s in California which should be the most exciting one? I’ll resume my knitting now I guess)

  5. I got 37 and Michigan, too… and in real life I’m 40 and Michigan. :-) What does this meeean?? I don’t know, except that I would love for you all to visit Michigan because it’s beautiful and decidedly not boring here! :-)

  6. HA. The first time I got 50 and Tennessee and I was like omg I know I’m old but WTF? So I did it again and picked the ones I was in between and I got 24 and California – SO I’m basically like 37 in Michigan. Rahrah for being boring. WOMP

  7. Hahah I’m 24 living in California according to buzzfeed but realistically 26 in NYC. hmmm

  8. Loved the video! Can you recommend some of your favorite instagram accounts/blogs to follow? I want to weed out a lot of the “healthy living” bloggers I follow- because I don’t believe they are healthy for me to read. But, I do enjoy reading blogs/following instagram accounts.

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