Nov 23

Being more thoughtful with Bond.

This post was sponsored by Bond.

Look guys! A rare, non-roundup Wednesday post!

A lot of what helped me get out of my eating disorder/disordered eating was realizing that my true values had nothing to do with being a particular body size.  The first step was making a list of what my values are and then making sure I was funneling my energy into those values (and not funneling my energy into my eating disorder).  Something that is a value of mine is relationships with family and friends.  If you share this same value, Bond may be a good fit for you. 

Bond - helping you be more thoughtful | #sponsored

If you haven’t heard of Bond, they are a company that helps you be more thoughtful by allowing you to send handwritten notes in seconds (from your phone!).  You even get to upload a photo from your camera roll to be on the card.

I’m sure there are people in your life who you would like to express gratitude/give thanks for and Bond allows you to do that anytime of year.  I also think Bond is a good way to help you establish a gratitude practice by allowing you to reflect on people and things you’re grateful for.

Here’s what you do.

You download and open the Bond App on your phone.  Then you type in what you want your note to say.  I wrote a note to my little sister, Quinn.

Bond - helping you be more thoughtful | #sponsored

Then you choose which handwriting you’d like the note to be in.

Bond - helping you be more thoughtful | #sponsored

Then you select a photo from your phone that will show up on the back of your card. 

Bond - helping you be more thoughtful | #sponsored

I found that selfies weren’t high enough quality to be uploaded, but a regular (non-selfie) phone photo will do.

Bond - helping you be more thoughtful | #sponsored

Then you put in your shipping address and Bond sends the card via old-fashioned mail to whoever you’re sending it to.  You can see from the time on my phone that this only took 5 minutes.  So quick.

Since to do this post I had to send the cards to myself, I decided to have Bond print some of my favorite sayings and I added one of my favorite latte photos to the front.

Bond - helping you be more thoughtful | #sponsored

I used another card as a reminder to be gentle with myself and printed on the back my favorite questions, “what am I feeling? what do I need?”.  Then one day I filled in what I was feeling and what I needed.

Bond - helping you be more thoughtful | #sponsored

If Bond feels like a good fit for you, I hope you’ll strengthen your bond with someone and send them a Bond card.  

Bond - helping you be more thoughtful | #sponsored

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  1. This is amazing, I love handwritten notes!! Thank you so much for sharing this Kylie!! :)

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