Feb 05

Best Super Bowl Commercials

Today I wanted to share what I considered to be the best Super Bowl commercials! What were your favorites?! I kinda felt the overall the commercials were a bit lame.  I didn’t find myself laughing/crying as much as I usually do at Super Bowl commercials.  Anyways, here are my favs…

1.The Bai Commercial! I’ve collaborated with Bai several times now and I was SO pumped when I saw they signed on Justin Timberlake.  I was imagining they HAD to do something with that N’sync song! It’s a good commercial because, umm, Justin Timberlake and because now I’m sure I’m saying ‘Bai’ correctly:)

2. The Honda yearbook commercial.  This commercial resonated with me because when I started the blog my motto was, “just do it! And then JUST KEEP GOING.” “If you wanna make a universe, make a universe.”  If you wanna create a blog, start a blog.  Don’t leave dreams as dream! I love being a dreamer and sitting around day dreaming about what could be, but I also like getting stuff done! Act on your dreams one step at a time.

3. Either Andrew or I will say weekly, “I love the internet!” I liked this commercial because it’s so true! The end where he’s like, “I know some people who will love that giant flamingo-shaped bush.”  No matter how small your niche, I believe you can find your people on the internet.  And I’m glad I’ve found my people in you:) I don’t use GoDaddy though…I use Bluehost:)

Did you have any commercial favorites that I missed here?

6 comments on “Best Super Bowl Commercials”

  1. Gah! Here in Australia they cut out all the awesome American ads and just put in our standard local ones. Thanks for linking to some so I can check them out! The Superbowl ads are always awesome!

  2. I thought the Buick commercial was cute with the kids football team and Cam Newton. I felt the same overall though – the commercials were pretty lackluster compared to years past.

  3. I was so distracted by the half time show, I lost track of the commercials!

  4. We don’t have cable, but I had seen some commercials already circulating on the internet. I actually really like the one with Justin Bieber for T-Mobile, and I thought the one with Melissa McCarthy for Kia was hilarious! I saw the Drink Bai commercial last night and thought it was great as well. :)

  5. I really liked the ad for ‘Stranger Things” because I am obsessed with it and I can’t believe that I have to wait until October for the new season on Netflix.

    But the JT and Walken commercial was my favorite product ad, for sure. I love them both.

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