Saturday highlights included:

swirly oatmeal.

swimming / floating.  I was at 25 weeks on Saturday! 


finding an office cabinet at a used office supply store that we’re turning into a dresser for the nursery.  We went and looked at dressers at Target and Home Goods, but no one had one I liked at a price we liked.  We picked up the below for $40.  Andrew worked on transforming it this weekend and it looks AMAZING! Excited to share later.  

getting a pedicure.

Finishing this book…I really liked it! Andrew’s mom gave it to me last weekend and I read it in less than 48 hours, which is big for me bc I’m a slow / easily distracted reader. 

I haven’t been sleeping that great, so super late Saturday night I spent some time (finishing 200 pages of the above book and…) journaling on boredom / when life feels dull.  Thinking more about the purpose of it and why it’s not a bad thing.  However, at the end of the journaling session I ended up wanting to make a schedule for myself for Sunday.  While life isn’t supposed to be rainbows and sunshine all the time (I think boredom / dull feelings are normal), I don’t think life is supposed to feel sad all the time either.  Pregnancy emotions are strong and have me feeling woe-is-me a bunch.  Having a schedule on Sunday helped my mood be more positive.  It felt like a mindfulness practice because I could just focus on what was next on my list, which is helpful when my mind feels busy.

I started the day Sunday like the above said, with a walk around our neighborhood.  I had heard talk of a “cool front” coming through this weekend.  Lies.  It was freaking hot even at 7am.  It was still nice to get outside though.  I need to keep walks to under 20 minutes to keep back & knee pain from flaring up.

Since I was hot after my walk I wanted something cold for breakfast.  So I went with cereal + granola + blueberries + peanut butter!

Then I planned out some meals for the week…but Sunday night we had spring rolls, which were supposed to be for my lunches.  So I’ve already diverted from the below hehe

Then I went and tried out gliders at Baby’s-r-us and BuyBuyBaby.  I didn’t take Andrew because husbands tend to be practical and he would’ve been like, “I don’t think it makes sense to go to two stores in one outing that are so far away from one another.”  Since I went alone I could do non-practical things like that.  

The glider that is most comfortable to me is this style.  Like I mentioned on Stories, I don’t think it’s the prettiest of chairs but it’s…

  1. SO comfortable to me (I think I’ve tried out at least 20 different gliders / rockers / swivel chairs)
  2. It’s the most affordable chair + ottoman I’ve found since it comes with the ottoman instead of having to pay an additional $200
  3. It’s tall enough (I’m 5’9″) for me to be able to lean my head back against since I imagine I’ll be sleeping in the thing.  

So it’s the one.  My mom (and a bunch of people on Instagram) said I can just get a pretty blanket / pillow to put on it, since I don’t love how it looks.  So that’s my plan! 

After glider shopping I stopped at Sweet to get some tacos + a half-caf vanilla latte for lunch.

The rest of the afternoon was spent grocery shopping…

And prepping spring rolls for my lunches for the week.  I remembered how good they were when I made them last week, so I wanted to make them again.

Afternoon snacks =

chocolate milk (made like I used to make it when I was a kid…milk + hershey’s + stir it up.)

and some granola bars throughout the afternoon…

Have you tried the below Nature Valley bar? I really like ’em.

That evening we went to church.

By the time we got home from church my back was hurting so bad that cooking was out of the question.  My OB mentioned that she can refer me to a prenatal chiropractor if the back pain gets severe.  So we just had some tofu spring rolls for dinner.  The peanut noodles on these MAKES THEM.  This time I used ramen noodles in them.  I like soba noodles in them best though.  Served with some orange juice.

Later that night I listened to a Gimlet podcast while resting my back on a heating pad.  A couple hours later I made some M&M cookies.  I based the cookies off a The Baker Mama recipe!

That was our weekend! Ooo and I finally came across a middle name that feels right.  I was nervous about getting Andrew’s opinions on the name because it felt so right to me and I didn’t want him being like, “nah.” BUT he likes it! Our plan is the keep the name between us and a few close friends until baby girl arrives.

Now it’s about 11pm.  I’m planning to journal for a bit and then head to bed.  I’ve been trying to journal more consistently lately.  I hadn’t realized this before, but pinterest has a ton of journal prompts.  

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Feel free to share links to your weekend posts below :)

See you guys back here tomorrow! Yay for August! 


  1. LOVE your idea of making a Sunday plan! Without fail, my Sundays never have plans, and I end up moping around the house all day, bored and cranky. I should try this, I think it would help my mood starting off the week a lot better!

  2. Those Nature Valley bars are so ridiculously good! I highly recommend the coconut butter one. It’s amazing. 

  3. Thanks for sharing your weeekend! You look adorable! Such a cute bump!
    Ever since starting intuitive eating, I’ve been having a hard time just eating what sounds good because it’s almost ALWAYS carbs or snacky foods and I completely understand why I crave those things right now. However it’s been hard for me because I feel like it’ll never end so I try to make myself want veggies which usually doesn’t end very well. Anyway the point of that short story was to say that I really enjoy seeing what you eat because I guess it lets me know that it really is ok to eat what I crave and I’m not doing anything wrong. Thanks for being so inspirational!

    • Something that helped me was realizing that my tastebuds like vegetables and I enjoy eating them, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to crave them (or have access to them) at every meal/snack and that’s okay. Feeling neurotic about having to eat vegetables never made me a healthier person!

  4. OH my gosh, the tomato braised lentils with broccoli rabe is one of my top favorite recipes I’ve ever made.  

  5. I LOVE chocolate milk still made like that. It definitely always reminds me of when I was a kid, too. Side note – I could NEVER imagine getting up that early on a weekend day. I am so not a morning person. Looks like a great weekend though! And I would have totally left my husband out of choosing a glider, too, lol!

  6. Since I went alone I could do non-practical things like that. –> this whole paragraph you phrased so concisely. My thoughts exactly :)

    • lol. I so believe one of the keys to our marriage is realizing Andrew isn’t going to want to do the less than practical things I want to do and that is what alone time or friends are for!

  7. I love making little daily schedules when I feel down. They remind me of all the things I get to do in life, which is just amazing. I want that cookie dough mmmm!

  8. This is a totally random thing to comment on out of everything you wrote about in this post…but I had no idea you were so tall! Haha. I have this weird thing about being interested in people’s height. My boyfriend makes fun of me because we’ll be watching a TV show or movie and I’ll try to Google how tall a specific actor is. I’m just weird! lol

  9. Hey there! I’m a long time reader!

    I work as a Labor & Delivery nurse, and I had a patient last night that reminded me of you! Not that we’ve ever met, but I feel like I have gotten to know you a bit through reading your blog.

    Anywho, she was incredibly sweet, down to earth, and had a lot of great questions. I didn’t have the opportunity to deliver her, but I look forward to seeing her and meeting her baby when I return to work in a couple of days. Sending you warm wishes for the rest of your pregnancy :)

    • This is such a sweet comment, Nina :) I know what you mean about getting to know me…because that’s how I feel about bloggers behind other blogs I read!

  10. Kylie – love this blog it’s my fave by the way!
    Loving the oatmeal/porridge that you make I have been making it all week minus the peanut butter (but will try it eventually) with a touch of maple syrup. It’s the best thing.
    I have noticed on this journey that if I meet my cravings the sparkle goes out of what I use to consider as treats. I now incorporate them in my normal day/week and I’m finding that I just don’t feel like them sometimes. Feels very strange but this approach is working!

    • I experienced what you describe here almost as a grieving process. Food wasn’t as sensation or all-consuming as it once was and that kinda made me sad early on. But it made me realize how much I was numbing away from experiencing ALL of life by fixating on food so much. I much prefer now to then!

  11. A) I LOVE your wedding band. So classic, so pretty, & I love gold/rose gold (my rings are rose gold!). B) Your mention of boredom, feeling bad about being bored, & always trying to do something to get rid of the boredom is SO on track for me right now. Wedding planning since November & shopping for a closing on a house has kept me really busy but now with the wedding nearing, I have less to plan (& honestly am kind of trying to avoid it cause hello stress…) so I find myself bored & wondering what I’m missing out on or what I should be doing. What I need to do is just chill, curl up with a book, & just let life be sometimes. C) You look adorable! Hope your back pain goes away!

  12. I love those Nature Valley biscuit things! Nature Valley makes the best snacks. I go back and forth between planning out my days because I want to be more “spontaneous” and find a lot of joy in that on the weekends, but at the same time, sometimes a wide open day makes me feel a little melancholy/aimless and I feel like I need more structure. Still trying to figure out that balance. Just checked out those journal prompts- thanks for the ideas!

    My weekend was spent on a family beach trip… trying to transition back to reality now ;)

  13. Just stumbled across you—yay!! Now I’ll have to come back and see how the dresser turns out! You are a rockstar. I’m definitely going to have to read that book, and then probably talk Bảo into reading it. Also definitely have to find you some of the spring roll rolling plates for next time! They are soooo much easier. They are just flat plastic plates, minus most of the plastic—kind of like the cheap plastic paper plate holders. All the holes keep it from sticking, and they are a miracle!

  14. A lot of ignoring my gut instincts/being too logical has left me very disappointed with things/decisions/purchases and I’ve learned ALWAYS go with your gut/heart, not your brain! I also learned something in social psych about how you’re usually most satisfied making decisions this way…not sure how legit it was but I tend to agree. :) 

    Also, now I want cookies. Because those look yum yum. So now I know what I’m doing this afternoon…#cookietime

    And I went to SF! And visited Facebook HQ! My recap is here:

    • That’s super interesting about being most satisfied when making decisions from your gut/heart! That feels very validating to how I operate! Thanks for sharing, Katherine!

  15. Kylie, you’re the cutest! Loved reading about your weekend and so happy you made my cookie recipe to end on a sweet note! :)

  16. Kylie, what are you reading right now in terms of baby-related materials?

    • Hi Megan!

      I got your email and I won’t be at FNCE this year because of baby girl’s due date. Would love to meet in the future tho!

      Audio booked –> Bringing up Bebe

      Just ordered –> Bradley Method book and hopefully will start reading through that with Andrew soon

      Was planning to read one book on baby sleep patterns / schedule before baby came…but now I’m thinking I’m just gonna poll my mom friends on what worked for them. I’m not a big fan of reading lol

      • Found the comment! That’s very understandable :) :) Thanks for the recommendations, I am going to try Bringing up Bebe. My husband is requesting a book he can read to me before bed- no complaints there!

  17. Random question, but is your hair naturally that curly? It’s beautiful!

    • Thanks, Emily! I have super thin wavy hair…but some mornings I wake up and it totally is curly. It does what it wants haha. In the picture in this post I added like 7 curls with a curling wand!

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