Lake weekend.

We spent this weekend with two of my great friends, Kalyn and Donika, and their husbands.  It’s always so great getting to see them.  The majority of the weekend was spent in swimsuits outside.  PERFECT.

Friday night we stopped and enjoyed chick-fil-a for dinner on the way to the lake.  

By the time we all got to the lake night it was already dark.  We hung out outside, played a game (Codenames!), and I enjoyed some ice cream for a before bed snack.

Saturday morning I cooked us a breakfast of fruit, eggs and cinnamon roll crescent rolls.

Served with cold brew lattes made with this coldbrew.

ALL of Saturday morning was spent hanging out in the water.

We ended up boarding Maggie for the weekend to make things easier on me, but we had these two for dog cuddles :)

Each couple planned a meal.  For lunch we had buffalo chicken sandwiches + salad + cool ranch doritos. 

AND these insane cookie bars topped with meringue that I want to share with you on the blog soon.  They were so good!

The afternoon was spent hanging out.  The girls did a DIY project, which I will likely share in another blog post, while the boys watched a war movie.


Before dinner we took a boat ride.

Then made homemade pizzas for dinner!

Sunday I made everyone biscuits + eggs + jam / butter + fruit.  The biscuits totally didn’t turn out and were actually pretty gross lol. So it goes.

Sunday morning we hung out in the water again, then cleaned up the house and headed home around lunch time.

On the drive home I got hungry so we stopped for lunch at Panera.  I don’t understand Panera’s bread situation. Sometimes their bread is freaking awesome baguette, like the below was.  And other times it tastes like a brick out of the freezer.  

I hadn’t been to a Panera in a while and I loved their drink selection, I ended up getting their blood orange + carrot + turmeric lemonade.  It was fabulous.  Mixed it with water to my tastebuds preferred sweetness level.

Later that afternoon we…

…scooped up Maggie. She was exhausted.  We boarded her at a place where she runs around with other pups all day…

…we went to church.  Decaf latte for a snack…

…picked up cooked grocery store sushi for dinner + some grocery essentials.  I was too tired to plan meals for the week, so we only got a handful of things…

…and finished the evening watching House Hunters Renovations.  We’ve been toying with the idea of making our backyard a bit prettier, so renovation shows have been fun to watch.

I’m off to get some work done, then hopefully will get to spend time with my sister today for her birthday.  I hope you do something to make today a great Monday…and not a typical blahh Monday :) I’m going to focus on doing that too!


  1. What a fabulous weekend! Kaci and I spent the weekend in Nashville with her future MIL and SIL and friend for her bachelorette party. Before we left town, we too had Chick-fil-a. So good!

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend, good for you!  Maggie is so cute.  We have 4 and I can’t hardly stand to be away from them for an hour.  Haha!  Traveling is hard.  On another note, I love your happy, personal, imperfect and positive photos.  Thank you so much for them.  It gets hard seeing most bloggers post perfect styled ones all the time.  Your pictures are real and fun. 

  3. I love Chameleon cold brew!!

  4. Weekending in swimsuits is the best way to weekend. And I love seeing you with your adorable baby bump! As a west-coaster, I’ve never had Chick-fil-a, buuuuut I’m moving to PA for school in a couple weeks so it’s definitely happening soon. Drooling over those cinnamon crescent rolls, so those are gonna have to happen even sooner.

  5. “I hope you do something to make today a great Monday…and not a typical blahh Monday :)” <—— needed this reminder today! It is gray and rainy and gross out which makes Monday feel even more blah than usual. I'm thinking a baking project when I get home could help turn it into one of those cozy rains vs. annoying ones :)

    Looks like a fun weekend! We spent ours hiking, relaxing, and I also ate the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. 10/10!

  6. meringue topped cookie bars? That is so original! I don’t see too many super original dessert things too often. (Though plenty delicious things!) My friends and I are planning a mountain weekend and I think we’ll have to do the “every couple do a meal” idea.

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! I’m planning on getting an early birthday mani/pedi after work today to make it not a “blah” Monday :)

  8. awh, sleepy maggie is so cute! looks like you guys had a really fun weekend :)

  9. Lake weekends are the best! Glad you got to relax. Your pizza pics reminded me we are trying grilled pizzas this week- I’m excited to see how they turn out!

  10. I love love love all your baby bump pics! Makes me grin with so much joy for you!! :D

  11. I’ve had similar bread experiences at Panera! I eat there often, so I’ve learned to ask about what bread they have. If they’ve run out of baguette I’ve found that the sprouted grain roll is pretty tasty. Much better than the plain dinner roll!

  12. Biscuits are so hit and miss. Sorry yours didn’t turn out!
    I cannot for the life of me figure out what your DIY project could be. I guess I’ll have to keep reading to find out.

  13. I’ve got to make those cinnamon rolls! Looks like a great weekend :) I hope your Monday was great too! I have always wanted my parents to move to the lake because I love it but not enough to live on the lake and keep up with a dock/boat haha.

    • haha yeah I hear you on that. And the lake town my parent’s house is in is no where near a Target / fun restaurants…which would be a transition for me if I was to live there!! I couldn’t imagine it!

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