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1. A quote I heard someone say that really resonated with me.

2. Fall baking.

I’ve started to work ahead on some fall baking for the blog.  Every time of year is a good time to bake, but holiday baking is just so festive.  Baby girl will be little bitty come holiday baking time, so I’m enjoying getting some baking in now to share with you later.

3. Baby Care Class

Last night I went to a baby care class at our hospital.  I really enjoyed it.  Reader Anna commented that, “The newborn class we went to was kind of like, a million ways you can accidentally kill your baby.”  Which made me laugh so hard.  I thought our class was informative and I LOVED the nurse who taught it and was like, “umm can I reserve you for my delivery?”

Things I didn’t know included: it’s no longer recommended that you use baby powder because it may be bad for the baby’s lungs.  Who knew? I mean, how confusing! It’s called, baby powder.

4. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

I’ve only ever had one recipe go viral and it’s this one.  Last year the Kitchn shared it, then the New York Times shared it, and then Hoda & Kathy Lee made it on the Today Show.  It’s been one of my favorite blogging experiences getting to experience a recipe explode.  I freaking love the internet! I’ve been noticing the recipe getting shared around again as we move into fall and I’m excited to see what happens in the virtual world with the recipe this holiday season.

5. Something else I saw and loved…

I used to have a very reactive mind.  Feel anything uncomfortable = RUN AWAY / don’t think about the thing making you uncomfortable / find a way to numb away from the uncomfortable.  For a while I had to be annoyingly intentional about when I felt myself leaning towards running away from something uncomfortable and instead force myself to process through it on paper, in my mind or out loud with someone.  Now I feel a lot more comfortable in the uncomfortable.  Pausing to understand and be curious about why I’m feeling discomfort helped me get to that place.  Has anyone else felt this transition in their mind from reactive to responsive? The responsive mind feels a lot these chaotic and impulsive, which is really nice.


  1. Oh how I love your writing! You are just a breath of fresh air every single day. Thank you! Yes, I have found yoga/meditation has helped me move away from an immediate reactive state to a more responsive state. Most issues/decisions/reactions/uncomfortableness can benefit from just being still. And I love the beginning quote, what a great way to look at all the items in your day and really access their priority; if it is not filling you up, let it go. Hope you are feeling well and you are getting by with your back/knees issues. I imagine they will both improve post birth. But I am sorry you have to deal with that on top of the other fun side effects of pregnancy.

  2. That muffin cupcakey treat looks delish!

  3. On the baby powder note, this balm is the best alternative. Plus it come in a stick form and smells like pina coladas :)

  4. 1. I love that quote!
    2. That’s very smart of you to get a jump start on fall baking. :) 3. I had no idea about baby powder! Things and recommendations are always changing. 4. That is so incredibly cool and rewarding! You make phenomenal recipes, so I know another will be picked up as well. 5. That hits really close to home with me and something I need to practice.

  5. Hi Kylie, I just wanted to say thanks for your insightful and helpful blog posts. I particularly enjoy your “What I ate” posts but love everything else too. I don’t have an eating disorder but I do have OCD. Based on what I’ve learned the symptoms sound really similar and either way, reading your blog helps me a lot with what I struggle with. Thanks for being so honest, it’s so helpful for me to read things like this.

  6. Hi Kylie. What an awesome quote: “A reactive mind flees from discomfort, while a responsive mind pauses to understand it.” I’m in the very beginning stages of starting a private practice (RD), and felt overwhelmed this morning. My initial thought was… “Maybe you should just do something else today and try again tomorrow.” Haha … hello “flee!” Although I think it’s okay and healthy to take breaks, I was simply being reactive instead of being curious as to why I felt that way. Great timing and thanks for your posts! :) 

    • I totally hear you, Kara! Breaks are good. I’ve had some behind the scenes blog techy stuff that I can’t figure out (i’m rather computer illiterate). After two hours of staring at the computer screen…I realized I was getting nowhere so I took a break and realized I needed to email someone for help. Breaks are excellent :)

      Good luck with the private practice! I think it is so worth it! I really enjoy being in private practice. Getting things off the ground can be tough, but there are great facebook groups like #InspiredtoSEEK to help encourage you (which you may already be a member of!):

  7. Omg! I totally didn’t know that YOU were the one that invented the Red Wine Hot Chocolate! How cool is that?!

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