Halloween burgers

This recipe was created in partnership with Unilever.

If you’re in need of a recipe for Halloween, here it is!

I once heard that Halloween night is one of the top nights for pizza delivery. While pizza is wonderful, so are burgers…especially burgers that have been Halloween-ified.

When it comes to Halloween, I prefer cute Halloween over creepy Halloween. For instance, I have zero interest in scary movies because I will be creeped out by them for years when they sneak into my mind while I’m in the dark at night.

Another example of how I hate creepy Halloween stuff is this memory I have of going to a haunted house and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I have never been that scared. I ran out of the haunted house and didn’t stop running until I got to my car. I was so freaked out! All that to say, my jack-o-lanterns will always be smiling and never be gory, gross or scary. So, in true me fashion – this recipe is for a cheerful (not creepy) Halloween burger, complete with a slice of cheese with a smiling jack-o lantern face cut out of it.

To jazz up the flavor of this burger, I added Sir Kensington’s® Chipotle Mayo, which is a unique mayo in a few ways. First, it’s flavorful…not spicy. I don’t handle overly spicy things (just like I don’t handle scary things), so this mayo is wonderful. Secondly, Sir Kensington’s® mayonnaise is the first and only mayonnaise to use Certified Humane, free range eggs. Finally, Sir Kensington’s® mayonnaises use 100% sunflower oil or 100% avocado oil.

Have you ever made any Halloween-themed food that was super fun? What was it?!

Halloween Burgers


cooked burger patties (beef, turkey or veggie)
Sir Kensington’s® Chipotle Mayo
slices of cheese
sliced olives


Use a paring knife to cut a jack-o-lantern face in your cheese slice. Top burger with a dollop of Sir Kensington’s® Chipotle Mayo, the jack-o-lantern cheese, and pickles. If you want to add some “eyes,” slice the olives and stick into your burger with toothpicks.