Sep 15

Taking a break.

I’ve decided to take a break from the blog for a month or so. I have something new for the blog that I’m really excited about, since I think it’s going to be a great (free) resource for you guys and will be helpful for those in all stages of eating disorder recovery. It’ll be posted sometime in October. The best way to know when I post again is to subscribe to the blog, which you do by simply adding your email address into the field on the righthand sidebar that says subscribe by email.

I’m not in favor of being a clanging cymbal that adds noise to your life. I want my posts to be thoughtful and helpful, but lately I feel like I’ve been reach for a few more “filler” posts than I’d like to. I feel like being quiet for a bit to just have an extended amount of time to regroup in several areas. (I know when I’ve gotten quiet in the past it’s because I’m pregnant…not the case this time haha!).

Thank you for taking time out of your week to read the blog! I appreciate you guys very much. I love writing this blog to normalize the happenings of life and encourage health for those who have struggled with disordered eating! See you back here in a month or so!

If you are in need of eating disorder recovery counseling, I will still be seeing clients and will likely have a couple spots opening in late October/November. Hannah, who works with me, has about four more weekend and evening spots available now if you’d like to start working with someone sooner.

9 comments on “Taking a break.”

  1. Have a great break! See you in a little while!

  2. Just so you know, anyone that gets your emails can choose wether or not to open them,
    I know I’ve not opened your blog post past the email a couple of times purely cos it’s been a recipe of something I don’t like.
    But that’s the beauty of being so diverse in your writing; what isn’t great for me one day will still bring joy and peace to someone else on that particular day.
    Your blog is also very manageable so if you like a post, you have links to related ones in case they’ve been missed.
    This is just a note to say don’t be disheartened, trust in your beliefs and writing skill, your followers are your followers cos they trust and listen to you and LIKE YOU.
    Take care, can’t wait to see what you have coming next X

  3. “I’m not in favor of being a clanging cymbal that adds noise to your life”. KYLIE! You’re not a disruption! You add insight, humor, meaning and value into our lives! You are brutally honest, insightful, thoughtful, and helpful in so many ways. You have helped so many of us transform our thought patterns, whether through your food recipes, meal-roundoups, or food-for-thought posts about evolving body image.
    We choose to search “immaeatthat” and to hear your funny voice and helpful reminders.
    Enjoy your break. We’ll miss you.
    But please know that we all value you, your work, and your contribution to the world.

  4. I want to echo a few other commenters to say that everything you write is valuable and there isn’t a single post that has felt like “filler” to me.

    I 1000% support taking a break when you feel you need one, and of course that is always reason enough to stop posting. All of us support your decision and will be waiting with open arms when you come back in Oct or whenever feels correct for you :)

  5. I agree – no filler posts from you ever. I love hearing from you! But glad you’re taking a break. Also, really appreciated your recent mom life post. It helps me feel not alone (even though I don’t know you IRL). And I know IG from a professional standpoint must feel overwhelming – just know my favorite accounts to follow are the real life ones. I can’t handle the perfect photos…it’s not real life and I need that!

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