Minty Kale Limeade Mocktails

Minty Kale Limemade Mocktail-13

I made us a wannabe boozy drink with kale. I’ve never really been that big on juicing.  Occasionally I’ll pick up an $8 cold-pressed juice from here, being sure to avoid any with celery.  I like celery in tuna salad or chicken & dumplings or smothered in peanut butter and chocolate chips, but something about… 

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Homemade Sprinkles with Fruit & Veggie-based Food Coloring

Homemade Sprinkles

I’m here to bring funfetti to every part of your life.  Sprinkles bring sparkle to life.  Truth. So obvi I’m attracted to anything that says ‘funfetti.’  Because I want a sparkly life.  I have this whole list of things I can’t wait to funfetti-ize.  First up were funfetti deep dish chocolate chip cookies.  But then… 

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What I Ate This Week.

What I Ate 6-27-2

This was our first full week back after vacation.  After being away and eating vacation food, I feel like I have to wean myself off wanting to eat out every single night.  To cope, I’ve been chai tea-ing so hard lately.  Can’t get enough! Monday: Breakfast for dinner! Scrambled ricotta eggs with roasted brussels and… 

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