Maple Roasted Butternut Squash Omelet

Butternut Squash Omelet-6

 This is how you smoosh together fall flavors. Today is the day we put all the fall things in our omelet.  Except for pumpkin.  We’ll leave him alone until later.  I totally overcooked this omelet, which is better than undercooking your omelet, but still.  I was in the other room taking pictures of the roasted… 

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Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival

Chipotle Cultivate-13

Last weekend Andrew I went to Dallas for Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival. My nice friends at Annie’s Homegrown provided me with two VIP passes to attend the event.  It was a day of delish food, new music and creative ideas. After driving four hours to get to Dallas, we were ready to eat some food!  If… 

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