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About Kylie

Hello! My name is Kylie and imma eat that. I like to EAT. I try to make it healthy. And I love you, for being here.

What i ate this week.

With Andrew’s birthday and Easter weekend coinciding, this week involved a lot of eating out and even more desserts.  I tried to start the week off with nutritious meals because I knew what was coming this weekend (i.e. s’mores & … Continue reading

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Cute Little Cornbread.

I never knew cornbread could get BETTER!! All you have to do is make it cute! The whole cupcake trend only works because cupcakes are way cuter than cake.  So miniature cornbread it is. So to make cute cornbread all … Continue reading

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Dirt Cake with Chia Seed Pudding

Ohhhh i made us something. It’s chocolaty-creamy goodness smooshed in a coffee mug.  Lately, I’ve been posting savory recipe after savory recipe.  So boring.  I mean, that’s okay…if you’re into that kind of thing.  But recently my cooking life has … Continue reading

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