Roasted Ambrosia Apple Breakfast Bowls

Roasted Apple Breakfast Bowls-11

{Disclaimer: Today I’m teaming up with Ambrosia Apples and the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network to bring you this post.  I was compensated for my time.} Sometimes life needs something other than a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes life needs you to turn apples into bowls and stuff them with oatmeal.  Then you roast the… 

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Vegan Cinnamon Roll Centers in Halos Cups

Cinnamon Roll Centers-6

{Disclaimer: Today I’m teaming up with Halos to bring you this post.  I was compensated for my time.} This is becoming quite the thing for me. You know, another post about my love for cinnamon rolls.  In my world, the gooier equals the better.  And since these here cinnamon roll centers are vegan, nothing necessarily… 

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Raspberry Almond Biscotti with Cream Cheese Frosting (gluten free)

Raspberry Biscotti-4

My mom is a coffee person.  She also has an impressive knack for finding the most gorgeous coffee mugs where ever she is. These colorful, cozy, imperfect clay mugs.  I remember mornings spent watching Good Morning America (or the Today Show, depending on our mood) and they would be reporting on a study that was… 

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