2-Ingredient Pie Crust Bites

Pie Crust Bites-2

This here is pre-pie pie. Before the day of all things pie (and turkey and sweet potatoes and cranberries), I felt it necessary to give you a little taste of pie…hence the name ‘pre-pie pie.’ I’ve decided that I’m more excited for Thanksgiving leftovers than I am for Thanksgiving.  Okay, maybe not more excited.  But… 

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Raspberry Almond Biscotti with Cream Cheese Frosting (gluten free)

Raspberry Biscotti-4

My mom is a coffee person.  She also has an impressive knack for finding the most gorgeous coffee mugs where ever she is. These colorful, cozy, imperfect clay mugs.  I remember mornings spent watching Good Morning America (or the Today Show, depending on our mood) and they would be reporting on a study that was… 

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