Maple Roasted Butternut Squash Omelet

Butternut Squash Omelet-6

 This is how you smoosh together fall flavors. Today is the day we put all the fall things in our omelet.  Except for pumpkin.  We’ll leave him alone until later.  I totally overcooked this omelet, which is better than undercooking your omelet, but still.  I was in the other room taking pictures of the roasted… 

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GF Southern Burrito Bowls

Southern Burrito Bowls-15

{Disclosure: The following post is a part of a paid promotion between The Healthy Aperture Blogger Network and McCormick & Co. Opinions expressed are my own.}   Today we’re talking gravy turned mexican food-ish turned southern (again). I’ve never really been that sure of gravy.  My mom’s mom (the same wonderful lady who used to… 

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Chocolate Chai Tea Latte Milkshake

Chai Tea Latte Frosty-4

i bring you a wannabe milkshake stuffed with chai tea-ness. Are you sick of me talking about chai tea yet?  I am.  But all my life I’ve had this tendency to go through phases of fascination with particular foods.  Ask my best friend.  She’d tell you all about it.  There was a kit kat phase,… 

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