Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival

Last weekend Andrew I went to Dallas for Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival. My nice friends at Annie’s Homegrown provided me with two VIP passes to attend the event.  It was a day of delish food, new music and creative ideas.

Chipotle Cultivate
After driving four hours to get to Dallas, we were ready to eat some food!  If you’ve followed my instagram for at least a week you know my love for Chipotle. I love how Chipotle is making the fast food experience something healthy and delicious. 

At the festival, Chipotle offered a bunch of new food.  The choices included: pork belly or barbacoa gorditas, chicken or tofu sofritas tacos, grilled steak kale salad, and meatball or tofu rice bowl. 

Shophouse Kitchen is a new concept from Chipotle.  Or at least new to me.  Right now they have stores in California, Washington D.C and Maryland.  Has anyone been to one of these restaurants?  Looked good.  Next time I’m in California I’ll have to stop by one…. 

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Southern Burrito Bowls-15

GF Southern Burrito Bowls

{Disclosure: The following post is a part of a paid promotion between The Healthy Aperture Blogger Network and McCormick & Co. Opinions expressed are my own.}   Today we’re talking gravy turned mexican food-ish turned southern (again). I’ve never really been that sure of gravy.  My mom’s mom (the same wonderful lady who used to… 

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Lasagna Bowls-5

Whole Wheat Lasagna Bowls with Mozzarella Greek Yogurt Sauce

{Disclaimer: By posting this recipe, I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by the National Pasta Association and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest.  I was not compensated for my time.} It’s lasagna.  But easier. A year and a half ago my sister brought home her new boyfriend.  He’s Italian.  Not fake… 

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Coconut Zucchini Rice-4

Zucchini Coconut Rice with Crispy Cheese & Chickpeas

A new very favorite thing. Well, not really new because I’ve been eating fried cheese all my life.  That would be thanks to my mom’s mom who used to serve us fried cheese toast for breakfast.  Just toast cooked in a pan with cheese until the cheese melts into every little bit of the toast… 

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What I Ate 10-1-3

What I Ate Yesterday.

I loved this day of eating.  For me it was a perfect balance between healthy and delicious.  I really haven’t been feeling salads for lunches this week.  Some weeks are salads for lunch weeks and other weeks nothing sounds less appetizing than a salad.  Salad with dinner was still fair game though.  Lately we’ve been… 

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Chocolaty Pumpkin Breakast Bars | immaeatthat

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Breakfast Bars

Here’s to carby, whole grain treats (with chocolate).

Charro Beans-7

Homemade Charro Beans

This was the first time I’ve ever cooked bacon. I’ve eaten my fair share of bacon…need I mention (again) that my dad makes the best breakfast tacos EVER.  He does.  Soft, creamy eggs topped with a slice of crispy bacon and cheddar cheese all rolled inside a whole wheat tortilla crisped in butter.  Yes.  It… 

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Small-batch Pumpkin Muffins-3

Small Batch Pumpkin Mug Muffins

Today over on A Clean Bake I’m sharing cute, pumpkin muffins in mugs! I think your weekend NEEDS these chocolaty pumpkin muffins.

Crave Cupcakes

What I ate yesterday + workout goals.

Hello my friendssss.  Yesterday we had our first taste of fall weather in Houston.  68 degrees never felt so good! My day started with an upper body workout.  I’m trying to set some fitness goals for myself.  I wanna be able to bench press 115 lbs by the end of October.  Right now I can… 

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