Pesto Mac n’ Cheese Pizza + Annie’s Homegrown Giveaway

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Yes, it’s been done.  But I’d never had it.

Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-8

I still can’t decide if this pizza is classified as classy or trashy.  The one Italian born person in my life says this pizza is absolute blasphemy.  Apparently it’s frowned upon to put chicken or corn or pasta on a pizza.  All I know is that oven roasted tomatoes and creamy mac n’ cheese are meant to be together forever.  If you happen to find the two on a pizza, then you like hit the freaking jackpot.

A hard thing in life is when you have to edit pictures of food you have already eaten all of the food.  Because after you spend a good hour going through 70+ pictures of mac n’ cheese pizza, there is nothing you want more.

Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-2

Sometimes in life you just need comforting food because say you manage to slice both your index fingers with a serrated knife on two consecutive nights.  Then you go to the gym the next day and try to sign-in with the nifty fingerprint sign-in but both your fingers are all bandaged up and the receptionist looks at you like you’re crazy when you’re going into this long story about how you were slicing tomatoes and it didn’t go so well so now you can’t do the fingerprint sign-in thing.  And then you realize that she didn’t really need to know about the tomatoes.  I should have told her about this pizza instead.  Then she would’ve cared a smidgen more.

Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-3

And then the next day you lock yourself out of your house because you had a miscommunication with your little sister (who slept over the night before) about how she was supposed to lock the door.  And then you have to call a locksmith (because your husband is out of the country for work) and the locksmith charges you one hundred and sixty freaking dollars(!!!).  Goodbye hopes of new tennis shoes and a massage for that tension in your upper back that’s starting to be a wee-bit worrisome.

Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-4 Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-5

It’s on those nights when they best thing is knowing that you have leftover macaroni & cheese pizza in the fridge.  I actually fed leftover pizza to guests I had over for dinner.  If you can feed a dinner guest leftover pizza with confidence…it must be a pizza with some rather perfect toppings.  Insert Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar.

Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-6

So the fun people at Annie’s sent me some products and other goodies so I could make a recipe.  I knew I was gonna use the macaroni and cheese…I mean, what is a more delicious food?!

I recently met this chef at a work function and I asked if he’d been to this mac n’ cheese restaurant in Houston and he went all mac n’ cheese snob on me.  I can handle food snobs.  I grew up with two margarita snobs for parents.  And there are some foods I get totally snobbish about.  But mac n’ cheese should be like yoga.  A no judgement zone. Whatever ingredients you add to your mac n’ cheese are the right ones.  So for me I went with pesto, roasted tomatoes, arugula, shredded chicken and corn.  And then I put it alllll on pizza dough, which just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  And it was right, so right.

Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-7

Thank you, Annie’s, for the opportunity.  Feel free to follow Annie’s on twitter, instagram and facebook.

Be sure to enter the giveaway below or leave a comment for your chance to win some Annie’s Goodies (#TeamAnnies)!

Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-10

Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza
  1. 1 (6 oz) box Annie's Homegrown Shells & White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese
  2. 1 large chicken breast, shredded
  3. 1 cup arugula, packed
  4. 3 medium on-the-vine tomatoes, sliced into 1/2 inch thick slices
  5. 1/2 cup frozen corn kernels
  6. 1/4 cup shredded asiago cheese
  7. 3 tablespoons pesto
  8. 1 whole wheat pizza dough
  9. 2 tablespoons olive oil
  10. balsamic reduction
  11. sea salt/pepper
  1. Preheat broiler. Drizzle sliced tomatoes with ~2 tablespoon olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt/pepper. Broil for 6-8 minutes, or until tomatoes are just starting turn brown and bubbly.
  2. Prepare Annie's pasta according to package directions. Stir in frozen corn. Set aside.
  3. Preheat oven to 450ºF. Roll out pizza dough to make a thin crust. Top with pesto, half of arugula, half of roasted tomatoes and half of your chicken. Then add the prepared mac n' cheese in a layer. Top with remaining arugula, chicken, tomatoes and asiago cheese. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until crust is golden brown and cheese is bubbly. Drizzle with balsamic reduction.
makes 1 large pizza (~9 slices); serves 3-4
Yeah...imma eat that
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Pesto Mac n' Cheese Pizza-9

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What I Ate this Week

Hi all! I’ve been trying to get in big salads for lunches lately.  For me it’s a good way to be sure I at least get one veggie heavy meal in for the day.  Lately dinners tend to be more focused on delicious food rather than veggies.


Monday: King Ranch Chicken + salad.  Andrew’s mom makes the most delicious King Ranch Chicken.  Mine wasn’t exactly the most delicious, but there was cheese so it can’t really be bad.  I based mine off this Eating Well recipe. I used greek yogurt for the sour cream and left off the black olives.  Andrew and I both agreed it was a little too Mexican tasting for King Ranch Chicken.  Next time I’ll leave out the chili powder.

What I ate this week 7-14

Tuesday: Out to eat at Heights General Store for a Culinary Professionals Meeting.  The menu was already planned for us and it was delicious.  We started off with salads.  Then the main course was crispy fried chicken + delicious green beans + creamy mac n’ cheese.  I really loved this restaurant…food, atmosphere and owner.  Can’t wait to go back and try some of the other dishes.

What I ate this week 7-14-19What I ate this week 7-14-20What I ate this week 7-14-21

Wednesday: Cauliflower soup + crispy chickpeas.  It looks good, huh?  It was so gross.  I can’t even believe Andrew and I kept eating it.  We did serve it with this cornbread…it was the one redeeming factor in the meal.

What I ate this week 7-14-4

Thursday: Thick slices of cornbread topped with hummus, roasted tomatoes, soft scrambled eggs, arugula and feta. Super simple, but so good.

What I ate this week 7-14-6 What I ate this week 7-14-5

Friday: Andrew’s parents came over for dinner and I made How Sweet Eats Thai Chicken Enchiladas (again…love those things).

What I ate this week 7-14-8

Saturday: After pancakes for breakfast and tacos for lunch, a big salad was in order for dinner.

Cornbread croutons, black beans, strawberries, feta over arugula.

What I ate this week 7-14-11

Sunday: Omelet-Quesadilla.  Still eating this meal so much…can’t get enough.

What I ate this week 7-14-14


Saturday taco lunch with Andrew at Tacos-a-go-go.  I got the barbacoa + a cup of black bean soup.  YUM.

What I ate this week 7-14-29

 Omelet + leftover foccacia.

What I ate this week 7-14-17

Sunday lunch at Logan’s with my family after church.

What I ate this week 7-14-32What I ate this week 7-14-33


A scramble of sorts.  Shredded chicken + black beans + cherry tomatoes + arugula + cheddar cheese + chunks of cornbread.  All cooked together in a pan over medium-high heat until everything was hot.

What I ate this week 7-14-7

Salad + leftover king ranch chicken.

What I ate this week 7-14-2

Again…salad + king ranch chicken.

What I ate this week 7-14-25


protein shake + leftover pancake with almond butter (unpictured).

What I ate this week 7-14-31

smoothie + cereal.

What I ate this week 7-14-24

chocolate protein powder smoothie + cereal (again).

What I ate this week 7-14-26 What I ate this week 7-14-27

egg sandwich + banana

What I ate this week 7-14-22

cold banana oatmeal + chia seeds + blueberry.

What I ate this week 7-14-15

Pancakes!!!  Recipe will be posted Monday! Toppings were involved.

What I ate this week 7-14-9


these cookies that I can’t wait to tell you all about.

What I ate this week 7-14-34

this ridiculousness.

What I ate this week 7-14-35

coconut water after hot yoga.  not a fan of the coconut water taste, but electrolytes and whatnot are good to keep me from passing out after the sweat sesh.

What I ate this week 7-14-16


What I ate this week 7-14-3


1000 rep workout via Peanut Butter Fingers.  Love this workout.  Always takes me just over an hour to finish it and my whole body is always shaky.

And a Maggie picture because I’m in love.  She’s thinking, “don’t leave us for Brazil, Dad.”  Andrew is out of the country for work.  I’ve been filling my schedule with time with friends and sisters to help from getting too lonely.  Right now my sisters are over and we’re watching She’s the Man (our movie)…on a work night.  It’s gonna be an early morning.  Totally worth it.

What I ate this week 7-14-30

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Beet Black Bean Brownies

I tried to make red velvet black bean brownies. 

Beet Black Bean Brownies-10 They were going to be a gorgeous red velvet color.  But then…they ended up just being plain ol’ traditional brownie color.

And then I realized, “who cares about the color?! It’s still chocolate!”

And then I shared the recipe on Healthy Aperture.

Beet Black Bean Brownies-2

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