6 Ingredient Cinnamon Rolls

Posted on Oct 9th, 2012

You know those cinnamon rolls that come in the tube that supposedly pops open when you pull off the paper wrapper?  I can count on one hand the…

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Almond Butter Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Posted on Oct 11th, 2013

Some nights are just cookie nights. Like you finish dinner and you just know you need to make cookies.  This especially happens on nights…

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Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies

Posted on Oct 22nd, 2012

I think I would become a vegetarian just so I never have to cook meat again. Seriously. Typically I can manage to cook chicken without…

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Banana Berry Nut Oatmeal Breakfast Bread

Posted on Jul 30th, 2012

In college, I learned two things. The first being that you should never, unless your floors are really dirty, substitute dish soap for dishwasher…

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Banana Pudding for Breakfast.

Posted on Apr 8th, 2013

Today I bring you...dessert for breakfast. I mean this is up there with other happy ideas like celebrating half birthday's with half a cake.…

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Blueberry Banana Nut Cookie-esque Muffins

Posted on Aug 10th, 2012

So does anyone else use this nifty little contact case capsule? You pour hydrogen peroxide solution into the capsule and put your contacts in this…

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Breakfast Cookies with Cacao Nibs

Posted on Mar 18th, 2013

Blehh...the week after vacation is always tough. After a week of finishing off every breakfast with a cranberry-blueberry scone, bear claw or…

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Cereal Milk Shake…for breakfast.

Posted on Mar 29th, 2013

Serious question. Has anyone ever tried ginger kombucha?! I haven't.   But last weekend my sister had this drink from here called…

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Chocolate Almond Butter Oatmeal Cookie Cups

Posted on Mar 5th, 2012

There is one very important lesson life has taught me. Never buy a bag a chocolate chips unless you have a plan in mind for them. 'Cause…

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Christmas Breakfast Cookies

Posted on Dec 16th, 2013

A little peanut butter chocolate drizzle to start this Monday off right. We're deep in this holiday season.  The time where only one…

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Cinnamon Pecan Snack Cake with Chobani Drizzle

Posted on May 10th, 2013

Just when I'm moving back to Houston, this happens. Come on, man! If you now hate me because you came here for food and I link to a picture of…

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Coconut Oat Protein Bites

Posted on Aug 17th, 2012

I wanted pancakes for breakfast. So I made a protein pancakes and they turned out gorgeous! Then I tasted them. To say the least, they left MUCH…

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Cereal Coated French Toast1 (1 of 1)

Coconut Vanilla Cereal Coated Cinnamon Cake French Toast

Posted on May 13th, 2013

Phew.  Say that title 5 times fast. So many words in that there title that you probably don't even know what this recipe is for.…

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Expansive Raspberry-Almond Butter Oats

Posted on Feb 10th, 2012

The more the merrier. Unless we're talking about Monday mornings, Twilight movies or sandals worn with socks. In which case, more is…

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Fresh Cherry & White Chocolate Cookie Balls

Posted on Jul 6th, 2012

I found baby apples at the store. How cute. So once upon a time I went through a dark couple of years where I didn't like these little…

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Green Tea Latte Oatmeal (4 of 8)

Green Tea Latte Oatmeal

Posted on Aug 26th, 2013

These need to be reordered. How are you gonna rank buttered toast above oatmeal?  I can see the reasoning behind ranking cinnamon rolls…

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Healthy Apple Pie Breakfast

Posted on Mar 1st, 2013

Okay, it's story time! So the other night I was at Jason's Deli studying.  By myself.  Is that weird? Well it's less weird in a…

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Healthy Brownie Batter

Posted on Feb 8th, 2013

So I'm trying this new thing where I don't go to the grocery store 3 times a week. Last week when checking out at the grocery store, the nice…

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Healthy Oatmeal Cookie Dough

Posted on Dec 17th, 2012

Trying to catch the bouquet at a wedding is a delicate thing. For you see, under no circumstances do you want to look desperate. Because if you…

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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Scones

Posted on Nov 18th, 2013

More pumpkiny-peanut-butter-ness. The best scones in the world come from here.  This is debatable because in my uncultured ways I have…

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Homemade Clif Bars

Posted on Aug 30th, 2011

Homemade Clif Bars Serving: 10 bars Adapted from Hammertown 1 1/2 cups puffed rice or puffed wheat cereal 1 cup uncooked old-fashioned…

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Honey Cornbread with Peaches, Ricotta and Basil

Posted on Sep 16th, 2013

One more peachy thing. And then we're moving on to all things pumpkin.  And then before I know it it'll be Christmas time and then…

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Honey Overnight Oats

Posted on May 14th, 2012

Simple. Just 4 simple ingredients and you have perfection. Honey Overnight Oats serves 1 Oikos Honey Greek Yogurt (the kind with…

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Kale & Smoked Gouda Quiche

Posted on Oct 18th, 2013

Let's talk about crust. When it comes to pie, I'm all about the crust.  I've mentioned before how I wish there was a way to make a…

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Less Slutty Brownies

Posted on Jan 31st, 2014

Looking for a way to class up Valentines day? Let's make it less slutty. At this point we've all heard of slutty brownies.  And maybe…

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Maple Vanilla Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Posted on Aug 20th, 2012

When I was little I played on a volleyball league at the YMCA with a group of girls from my neighborhood. The hour volleyball game was spent more as…

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Milk Soaked Oats Layered Smoothie

Posted on Jun 6th, 2014

Awwyeahhhh another thing to do with oats.!.!. Every time I open a new container of oats I take a deep inhale.  Don't you just totally…

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No-Bake Trail Mix Granola Bars (gluten free)

Posted on Apr 30th, 2012

Anytime you make something that tastes remotely like cookie dough, it's a success. If that creation contains no raw eggs, you're a flippin'…

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Oat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies with Buckwheat Groats

Posted on Feb 15th, 2013

Things that I know. Planning a honeymoon will always, always be more fun than writing essays. So lately my life has involved me staying up to all…

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Oatmeal Banana Pancakes Stuffed with Pumpkin-Peanut Butter Filling (Vegan)

Posted on Oct 20th, 2011

Oatmeal Banana Pancakes Stuffed with Pumpkin-Peanut Butter Filling (Vegan) serves 1 Yesterday was squat day therefore...today can be pancake day…

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies

Posted on Oct 14th, 2011

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies These are a delicious, slightly sweet, healthier version of the traditional chocolate chip…

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pumpkin pancakes

Oatmeal Pumpkin Pancakes (Vegan)

Posted on Oct 17th, 2011

Oatmeal Pumpkin Pancakes Topped with Roasted Banana, Peanut Butter, Granola, and Cacao Nibs {Your Monday just got 437348 times…

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Oatmeal Raisin Pancakes

Posted on Feb 22nd, 2012

I used to hate pancakes. I was the type of person who went to The Pancake Pantry and ordered a salad. What kind of strange person orders a…

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Oatmeal Sugar Cookies with Cinnamon Cashew Cream Frosting

Posted on Feb 4th, 2013

I'm about to tell you about the best day of my life. Thus far. Okay so Friday morning I woke up at 5:45 and headed to my Sunrise Yoga class…

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Peach Pie Granola Shake (8 of 8)

Peach Pie Granola Shake

Posted on Sep 9th, 2013

Before this post, my breakfast creativity seemed to be hitting a minor lull. Or maybe just my breakfast appetite was hitting a lull. …

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Peanut Butter Banana & Honey Bread

Posted on Feb 7th, 2014

It's a peanut butter + banana + honey sandwich all stuffed into a single slice of bread. I had never made banana bread with slices of bananas…

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Peanut Butter Cookies

Posted on Aug 13th, 2012

I used original Jif Peanut Butter in these cookies. The jar doesn't say all-natural. It doesn't say organic. And I think it has the same…

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Peanut Butter Cookies Stuffed with Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates

Posted on Apr 22nd, 2013

mmmhmmm. I can think of no better way to start your Monday than that. So this weekend I took Andrew rock climbing for his birthday and I…

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Peanut Butter Frosting Covered Chocolate Cake Balls (6 of 7)

Peanut Butter Frosting Covered Chocolate Cake Balls

Posted on Jun 7th, 2013

I would like to tell you about the nonsense that was my Wednesday. I woke up and did Tina's Run Burpee Run workout which is such a fun…

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Peanut Butter Granola (vegan)

Posted on Sep 24th, 2012

My weight room at college... It's a place for freshman boys who haven't quite figured out that it is necessary to wash their clothes after every…

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Pomegranate Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts with Honey Greek Yogurt Icing

Posted on Nov 19th, 2012

So umm you know what I frown upon? How when I'm texting someone, my phone tells the other person I'm typing. And then if I erase the entire…

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Protein Trail Mix Cookies

Posted on Nov 21st, 2011

By far the best protein cookie recipe I have ever found.  Maybe it was the chocolate chips:)  They are plenty sweet and full of so many healthy,…

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Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Posted on Nov 16th, 2012

I think I'm having an identity crisis. For you see, this week has been very...pumpkiny. I didn't even think I liked pumpkin. It just tastes…

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Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

Posted on Jan 9th, 2012

Before I started reading food blogs, I never quite knew what oatmeal was capable of. Overnight Oats Savory Oats Regular Oatmeal Carrot Cake…

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Blueberry Pecan Cornmeal Pancakes (12 of 15)

Savory Blueberry Pecan Cornmeal Pancakes

Posted on Aug 2nd, 2013

I want to live in LA because of this. I think that might be a full grown mini-pig.  Which makes me realize that I should never get a…

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Savory Oats

Posted on Sep 13th, 2011

Savory Goat Cheese Oats Adapted from Healthy Tipping Point I've seen alot of recipes for Savory Oats but have never been crazy/strange enough…

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Supreme Pizza with Arugula {gluten free, dairy free}

Posted on Dec 10th, 2012

So I go to college in this town where boys always open the door for girls. Like always. It's like how listening to National Public Radio…

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Sweet Potato & Cottage Cheese Pizza for One

Posted on Nov 25th, 2013

This recipe isn't Thanksgiving-y.   I had every intention of making something pumpkin-filled for today, but then I realized that I'm very…

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Sweet Potato Banana Pancakes

Posted on Sep 17th, 2012

I can sum up my childhood in two simple words: Barbies and Pancakes. I loved Barbies and hated pancakes. I used to be scared that I…

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Sweet Potato Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Posted on Sep 3rd, 2012

Awhile ago while doing my daily round of blog reading, I saw someone suggest putting nut butter on a sweet potato. My first thought..."Gahhh,…

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The Breakfast Brownie

Posted on Mar 7th, 2014

 chocolate before noon! It's like a childhood dream come true!!!(!!!).  One of the best things about growing up and getting married…

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The happiest breakfast on earth…

Posted on Jul 16th, 2012

No matter how old I get, I don't think I'll ever reach an age where Disney isn't comforting. Because many times, comfort is found in the…

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white choc macadamia cookie balls (12 of 12)

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Balls

Posted on May 21st, 2012

So these almost taste like shortbread cookies. Except, I don't really have a warm, fuzzy feeling about shortbread, but I definitely feel the…

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WIAW #32-Single Serving Chocolate Chunk Buckwheat Cookies

Posted on Nov 7th, 2012

So...funny story.  Sunday night I prepped my dinner and put it in the oven.  An hour later I went to check to see if it was done only to realize…

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{The Recipe ReDux}: Holiday Gift Idea-DIY Healthy Cookie Dough

Posted on Nov 21st, 2013

We're steadily moving from the season of pumpkin-everything to the season of cheesy-Hallmark-Christmas movies. As I type up this post, I'm sitting…

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