Banana Bread Buckwheat Granola


You know when people don’t have anything to talk about so they talk about the weather? Herein lies my current predicament. I made this granola on Tuesday and it’s been cloudy-less-than-ideal-picture-taking weather ever since. Do you know what happens in 3 days to a jar full of granola that tastes like banana bread? Let me… 

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Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Stuffed Crepes with Honey Icing


Hi. So something ridiculous… I do this really annoying thing where I pretend like I’m being prepared by prepping my breakfast the night before but then I end up eating half of the thing before I even make it to bed. I’m all like, “I’ll just have one spoonful of overnight oats.” Or, “Oh, that… 

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6 Ingredient Cinnamon Rolls


You know those cinnamon rolls that come in the tube that supposedly pops open when you pull off the paper wrapper?  I can count on one hand the number of times that the can has actually popped without me having to bang it on the edge of the counter. They’re the same cinnamon rolls that… 

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