Blueberry & Macadamia Nut Guacamole


You think you know a person. And then they tell you things like they “don’t like eating avocados alone.”  Not alone like by themselves in a room. But alone meaning taking a spoon and eating the avocado plain. The said person claims that he “only like[s] avocados when they’re in things. Like on a turkey… 

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Blueberry Banana Nut Cookie-esque Muffins


So does anyone else use this nifty little contact case capsule? You pour hydrogen peroxide solution into the capsule and put your contacts in this other case that fits inside the capsule.  After being in the capsule for 6 hours, voila!  The hydrogen peroxide solution neutralizes and your contacts are cleaned perfectly and ready to… 

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Banana Berry Nut Oatmeal Breakfast Bread


In college, I learned two things. The first being that you should never, unless your floors are really dirty, substitute dish soap for dishwasher detergent.* The second thing? I’m the world’s most indecisive person. Well, maybe not the world’s very most but I’m pretty terrible at making decisions, sometimes, not all the time…well yeah, all the… 

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