Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Homemade Nutella


Sooo… You know that time when your wedding dress finally gets delivered and you open the box at midnight because you’ve been at school all week and you just got home after going on a double date and eating your body weight in smoked salmon gnocchi? And while you’re frantically using scissors to open the box you’re kinda nervous because… 

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Breakfast Cookies with Cacao Nibs


Blehh…the week after vacation is always tough. After a week of finishing off every breakfast with a cranberry-blueberry scone, bear claw or chocolate croissant…it’s hard to adjust back to the normal routine of things.  You know, normal, like not eating a pastry after every meal.  So i’m aiming for a gentle transition back into healthy eating.  Hence cookies… 

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Oat Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies with Buckwheat Groats


Things that I know. Planning a honeymoon will always, always be more fun than writing essays. So lately my life has involved me staying up to all hours of the morning searching for things like, “best travel blogs,” “small town tropical honeymoon,” “oceanfront honeymoon cottage.” I’m hoping I’ll find some little, tropical town with a… 

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