Sweet Potato Banana Pancakes


I can sum up my childhood in two simple words: Barbies and Pancakes. I loved Barbies and hated pancakes. I used to be scared that I would never want to stop playing Barbies.  You know when you got to that transition point in middle school when playing Barbies wasn’t socially acceptable anymore?*  Middle school is… 

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Running and Chocolate Pancakes.


Oh the simple joys that make life marvelous. My definition of simple joys…chocolate pancakes and running. Sometimes focusing on those little simple joys are what gets me through the day. Those little simple happy things make life fun and keep me excited even if it is a dreaded Monday…and that is why I think Katie… 

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Protein Pancakes with Cashew Butter ‘Frosting’ (Gluten free)


Pancakes alone are good enough. Stacks of pancakes are better. Stacks of pancakes layered with banana slices…even better. Then you add some frosting. And not just any frosting. Cashew Butter Frosting. Now your pancakes are like a real cake. So go do some squats. Then make these protein pancakes. Drown them in healthy cashew butter… 

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