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Cinnamon Pecan Snack Cake with Chobani Drizzle

Just when I’m moving back to Houston, this happens. Come on, man! If you now hate me because you came here for food and I link to a picture of that…sorry. But then there is this. Which is definitely one … Continue reading

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Raspberry Vanilla Skillet Coffee Cake

So I don’t drink coffee. Not because I’m all anti-coffee.  I think it smells like heaven, it reminds me of my mom and I love how trendy and cute those girls at starbucks look when they order their tall, half-caf, low-fat whatever … Continue reading

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Banana Pudding for Breakfast.

Today I bring you…dessert for breakfast. I mean this is up there with other happy ideas like celebrating half birthday’s with half a cake.  Or adding spinach to smoothies which is so ingenious because sometimes you don’t want a salad but you always … Continue reading

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