Almond Date Energy Bites


Lately (as in the last two days) I’ve had this tendency to take one of these Almond Date Energy Bite thingys and roll it in mini chocolate chips. Hmm, sounds like finals time to me. I’ve had quite the busy last 4 days (very little of which involved studying for finals…fail), but instead the days… 

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Heart Shaped Protein Cookies for that person you oohheemmggg LOVE.


Making someone a Valentine’s Day Treat without chocolate is a simple way of saying, “I hate your guts.” A passive aggressive way, but nonetheless it sends the whole I-don’t-like-you-and-will-never-be-your-valentine vibe. But in the name of personal space, my sister will be getting chocolate free Valentine’s Day goodies.  For you see, she just got back from… 

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Blueberry & Macadamia Nut Guacamole


You think you know a person. And then they tell you things like they “don’t like eating avocados alone.”  Not alone like by themselves in a room. But alone meaning taking a spoon and eating the avocado plain. The said person claims that he “only like[s] avocados when they’re in things. Like on a turkey… 

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