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Roasted Peach Crumble Bars

I just found my go to pie crust for the rest of forever!! FOR..EV..ER. This crumbly topping in pie form would be oh so tasty.  I’m not sure what I would fill in the crust with, but it really doesn’t … Continue reading

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Kale & Smoked Gouda Quiche

Let’s talk about crust. When it comes to pie, I’m all about the crust.  I’ve mentioned before how I wish there was a way to make a crust-only pie.  Or at least a pie with a super obnoxious amount of … Continue reading

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Whole-Grain Deep Dish Pizza Quiche

It’s pizzzzaaahhhh time (again). But this time it’s different.  Because today we’re talking about a pizza smooshed together with a quiche.  And it’s miniature which makes it that much more fun.  Isn’t there a rule about starting sentences with conjunctions?  … Continue reading

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