The Breakfast Brownie

The Breakfast Brownie (8 of 8)

 chocolate before noon! It’s like a childhood dream come true!!!(!!!).  One of the best things about growing up and getting married is that you can do whatever you want.  Like eat chocolatey brownies for breakfast. Okay, it’s not like an ooey, gooey decadent brownie.  But that’s why we’re eating it for breakfast…not dessert.  There’s just… 

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Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Stuffed Crepes with Honey Icing


Hi. So something ridiculous… I do this really annoying thing where I pretend like I’m being prepared by prepping my breakfast the night before but then I end up eating half of the thing before I even make it to bed. I’m all like, “I’ll just have one spoonful of overnight oats.” Or, “Oh, that… 

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Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls


I think I’m having an identity crisis. For you see, this week has been very…pumpkiny. I didn’t even think I liked pumpkin. It just tastes so, well, squashy. Which makes like total sense since it is a squash. So you can get an understanding of the extent of the issue, I’ll give you a run… 

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