The Single-Serving Cookie Cookbook Preview Recipe

Ebook Preview- Chocolate Cake Cookie-9

IT’S THE SINGLE-SERVING COOKIE COOKBOOK RELEASE DAY!!!!!!! At the beginning of March, Andrew suggested that I should write an eCookbook.  It sounded complicated and I just got a grasp on using Lightroom and WordPress…I didn’t know if I could handle another software.  Fast-forward an hour…and I decided I should write an eCookbook.    I knew… 

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Two Cinnamon Rolls.

Cinnamon Rolls for One (1 of 7)

I want to do a cinnamon roll crawl. I’m not much of a beer drinker, so pub crawls are wasted on me.  But lately buzzfeed has been onnnn itttttt and they shared this donut crawl.  So we should make a cinnamon roll crawl.  Or maybe like a time-progressive cinnamon roll crawl where a group of… 

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Whole Wheat Orecchiette Sweet Potato Mac n’ Cheese with Crunchy Chickpeas

Sweet Potato Pasta (1 of 7)

 This recipe is the result of indecision. Story of my life.  Someone come and make all my decisions for me like now.  And while you’re making my decisions for me, please also fill my closet with brightly colored cropped pants and neutral-colored, flowy shirts.  Yes, that would be much appreciated.  I would show my gratitude… 

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