Supreme Pizza with Arugula {gluten free, dairy free}


So I go to college in this town where boys always open the door for girls. Like always. It’s like how listening to National Public Radio always makes me want doughnuts. That’s because growing up my mom used to take me like once a month to get doughnuts and chocolate milk before school.  A cake… 

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Shrimp Vietnamese Rolls


Pei Wei has these Vietnamese Rolls that are fabulous. When they arrive at your table they look kinda unimpressive. And depending on your company, someone will likely make a “That’s what she said” joke concerning the appearance of your entree. Oh, and there are only 3 rolls.  Next to that mountain of brown rice and… 

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Carrot and Tahini Soup


Life if full of ups and down. Ups: I got to spend the whole weekend in Austin with my two sisters. We went to Whole Foods. I bought delicious goodies that I’m so excited to use: Buckwheat groats, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour. I’ve eaten Chipotle twice in the last 3 days. My Spring Break count… 

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