Pumpkin Peanut Butter Freezer Cookies


So I popped the button off my shorts today.  Not the one in front.  It was one of those stupid ones on my back pocket that catches every time I slide into a chair.  I didn’t know I was a sliding type of person, but I am.  I never just sit.  I slide into a… 

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Never have I ever


…cooked tofu. And let me tell you.  It was really. freaking. easy. The thought of buying that little package, draining off that unappetizing liquid and wasting a bazillion paper towels as you press the tofu block always seemed a little daunting. [If you’re thinking… “wow, if she thinks that’s daunting, she’s never going to make it in… 

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Cheesy Cauliflower Souffle (Vegan)


So nutritional yeast. What to say about it? Hmm. It’s…interesting. And for awhile I found that whatever I put it in did not taste delicious. But now that has changed…because I’ve found something to put it in. It’s a creamy-cheesy-fluffy-wannabe souffle cauliflower dish. I think I found how nutritional yeast was intended to be eaten…. 

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