WIAW #35- What kind of person breaks four blender?


1. While ice skating this weekend I learned two things.  One: Everyone (read: my boyfriend) does not like to ice skate as much as I do.  Two: I need to buy some bigger pants…could my jeans look any tighter? umm no. 2. My sister and I went Black Friday shopping.  We didn’t get trampled.  Always… 

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WIAW #34-“Can’t you just leave doughnuts alone?”


1) So I’m home for Thanksgiving.  Always a good thing…unless your front loading washing machine decided to randomly unlock the door during it’s cycle.  And then water pours out of it for 1 1/2 hours.  Yeah, that would be really unfortunate during the holiday season.  But on Monday afternoon, that is what happened.  So our… 

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