The best sandwich. Possibly ever.

Pretty much ever chance I get, I talk about this sandwich.


It’s pretty perfect. So you see why it needed its own post. It’s just high maintenance which according to Urban Dictionary means that it, “takes forever (two hours plus) to get ready for a picnic, knows the Chanel cosmetics counter manager on a first name basis, [and] only gets their hair done by stylists who charge over $100/hour.” So yeah, this sandwich is kinda like that because it needs it’s own blog post and what not.

So this weekend Andrew and I went and looked at wedding venues and I think we found the one we’re in love with. We’re all about the exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and something historical Houston. Or at least wannabe historical Houston. The place we’re looking at probably wasn’t built in the 40s, but it’s definitely wannabe historical Houston. And we all know from experience that wannabe things can be quite spectacular. After looking at venues all morning, we hit up Dry Creek which is just a wonderful, little place in one of my favorite parts of Houston…The Heights. And I had these.


Now for some other things. Here is something I’ve learned about the wedding world this weekend…if a wedding dress boutique describes itself as a “chic, upscale boutique…,” just walk away. It’s about to get crazy pricey. Something that is frowned upon by the budget controller especially when I just suggested to my dad that we could have these gorgeously packaged caramel and chocolate covered apples for wedding favors for our guests.


If you’re thinking, “Apples for party favors? That sounds not classy or timeless or elegant but seriously these just look classy, timeless and elegant. I didn’t even know that you could make apples look elegant, but seriously…they’re gorgeous. I mean, they have bows!

Anyways, my dad saw them and he’s like, “We’re gonna buy 250 of those?! Wait, we could make those! Yeah, let’s make those. We can get the grandmas working on that!”

I smiled and said ummm yeah maybe as I glanced nervously at my mom. My dad told me that from now on his philosophy on this here wedding is based on the 3 S’s.

Sit down.

Shut up.

Shell out.

I’m making this whole thing sound like I’m being ridiculous and since everything written on a blog is taken very literally, I want to assure you that I just like freaking my dad out about the price of things. He always knows I’m kidding. I have every intention of practicing some frugality with this whole affair. If that means some homemade wedding favors…so be it.


In other news, you wanna know what’s really annoying? When your looking at wedding/bridal photographers portfolios online and then your dad walks in right when one of those boudoir bridal sessions comes up on the photography blog ugggghhhh.

Also, do you know what’s dangerous? Thin mints and peanut butter. You’ve been warned.

Anyways, make this sandwich.


Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt & Banana Sandwich (aka PBGB Sandwich)

serves 1

1 1/2 Tbsp peanut butter, unsalted & no added sugar

1/4 cup plain chobani greek yogurt

6 banana slices

2 slices of Coconut Cinnamon Raisin Banana Bread or Pumpkin Cranberry Coconut Bread

First, divide the peanut butter between the two slices and spread. Now, divide the greek yogurt between the two slices (1/8 cup yogurt on each slice). Finally top with banana slices. Stack, carefully slice and eat.


  1. This looks incredible! Definitely need to try!!

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    wow! no this looks scrumptious! healthy too, hellz yes!!

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